I know I've taught you how to do this in class, but now I'd like you to demonstrate it for everyone - each of you.  So, use the discussion board here to post the means by which you get a screen shot and then actually post a screen shot.  You pick which one you'd like to do, PC or Mac.  And make sure your description is specific to PC or Mac.

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for Mac OS X - One more modification - if you want to capture only the open application, after tapping the 4 key, tap the space bar and the cross hairs turns into a camera - position the camera on the application you want to capture and you get only that. quicker than having to position the crosshairs

Hey thanks for the tip. I didn't know that and that'll help to cut down on a lot of captured real estate that I don't need!
To get a screen shot on a PC, you hold down the Alt key and tap the Print Screen key (Prt Scr) at the same time.

For a PC:
After finding the page, take a picture by holding down the "ALT" key and the "PRTSC SYRQ" button.

For a Mac:
After finding the page you wish to take a picture of, hold down the apple button, "shift" and 4. If you want to take a whole screen shot, hit three instead of four.

(On a PC) First, go to the screen you wish to print. Second, hold down alt and Prt Scr button at the same time. Third, paste the image onto the desired page.

On a PC: I found an image that I liked and pushed the combination 'Alt PRTSCR'. This took a picture of the whole screen. Next I pasted the picture to paint, saved the image, and attached it to this entry.

To take a picture of the whole screen for a Mac you would; hit and hold the shift, apple button (or the command button), and hit the 3 key. After you do this there is a new icon that comes up in the right hand corner or on the task bar. And it should look like this.

To take a picture of a portion of the screen you hit and hold the shift key, apple key (or the command key), and hit the 4 key. Then a cross comes up as your pointer then you point, click, and drag the box across what you want to take a picture of. After you do this there is a new icon that comes up in the right hand corner or on the task bar. And it should look like this.

/Users/Guest/Desktop/Screen shot 2010-01-26 at 6.24.32 PM.png

How to: hold down shift-apple-3 or 4, with the cursor select the image. it will appear in ur desktop. click on the camera icon, past ur image.
On a Mac, the little utility Grab also gives you the ability to capture a timed screen (invaluable for including dialog boxes, menus and palettes often not captured with the usual keypress methods.) Wish it was able to save to something besides a TIFF, though.
In Mac OS X, if you want to dive into using the Automator, you can create yourself a little screen grabber app. I've done two - one that copies directly to the clipboard and another that saves to the desktop. The downside of saving to the desktop is you have to immediately go in and change the name, or the next screen grab overwrites it. I'm sure there is a way to script it append a number if one already exists, but I haven't figured it out if it can be done. I've attached a zip file with the two screen grabbers I made for Mac OS X if anyone is interested.
Mac screen shot



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