I know I've taught you how to do this in class, but now I'd like you to demonstrate it for everyone - each of you.  So, use the discussion board here to post the means by which you get a screen shot and then actually post a screen shot.  You pick which one you'd like to do, PC or Mac.  And make sure your description is specific to PC or Mac.

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Put your description here and be sure to click on the Camera icon above the text editor to include your screen shot.

To take a screen shot on a Mac you need to hold down shift + command+ 3, to take a picture of the entire screen. To take a picture of only a portion of the screen hold shift+ command+ 4, crosshairs will then appear on the screen and allow you to choose the portion of the screen you wish to photograph.
The following picture is an example of an entire screen shot.

Wondered about this. Thanks! Do the newer Macs not have Grab? That is what I used to use.
To take a whole screen shot on a Mac all you have to do is hold down the "shift"and "command" keys and then tap 3. For a portion of the screen, hold down the "shift" and "command" keys and tap 4.

In order to take a screen shot on a PC:

1. Hold down the ALT key
2. Find the PRTSCR key and tap (while holding ALT key)

For example, here is a screen shot:

What is the point of this thread?
We're an educational technology class and we were showing our teacher how to do print screens. We hope you're having a great day!
Ah, suddenly that makes more sense. I thought it was just random screen grabs for a minute...
To take a picture of your screen, press and hold the 'alt' key, then (while pressing the 'alt' key) also press the 'prt scr' key. This will take a picture of the screen which you are looking at. You can then paste this picture into paint or microsoft word and save it to use in the future.

The way to get a screen shot on a Mac is to first hold down the shift and Command keys. Once both of them are held down, then you should tap the 3 key (for the whole screen) or the 4 key (for portion of the screen).

To take a screen shot on a PC, you would press the alt key, as well as the prt scr key. Then you can paste it into either Paint or Microsoft Word.

In order to take a screen shot on a Mac you should follow this specific steps:
1. Press and Hold the shift key
2. Press and Hold the Apple Command key
While holding both of the above keys, either do #3 or #4

3. Tap the 3 key for the entire screen
4. Tap the 4 key for a section of the screen



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