How do you make sense of what you find on the Web? Do you organize and annotate bookmarks on Delicious? Have you joined a topic-based resource sharing group on Diigo? I keep a Delicious account and am a happy member of the project-based learning group on Diigo, hosted by Dean Groom.  Are there other ways to organize and share? I'd love to know what you do.

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This is a good question and I would be interested to hear what other people say as well. I haven't perfected my system by any means but I have been using Twitter like a social bookmarking site. It is a good way to find information and a lot of times when I want to look back at an article I know I liked I remember I tweeted or re-tweeted it and I and I can go back and find it.

Again, it might not be perfect and isn't very "searchable" so I am sure there are better solutions out there. I have just found twitter to be such a powerful tool for finding good information that I am logged into my account a lot anyway. Here is a blog post I wrote about using twitter to connect with people and find good information: Maybe not exactly what you are looking for but it might have some good tips anyway.
Interesting! I didn't think of Twitter in this realm but I certainly use it as a filter and organizer. I keep Twitter running in a twitbin bar in my browser. My favorite thing is seeing a reminder pop up with the link to a great webinar or other live session that's just starting. As you mention in your post, hash tags are great, too. I especially like conference hash tags. I get in on what people are learning, appreciating --or flaming-- at a conference I can't attend.
I never thought of something like Twitter as a social bookmarking site. Of course I thought of these networking as a way to share statuses and even links, etc. but for some reason this didn't pop in my head as this type of technology when discussing it in class. I technically have a twitter account, but have not used it enough to be too familiar with it. I will have to look into this a little more now. Thanks!

I learned of this resource through LIVEclassroom 2.0 held on 10/16/10 - to see an example of how the tool is used, here is the link to the for that session
I just learned about PortaPortal through the webinar too. I like it because you can set your own tabs for organizing the links. I have them stuck all over the place right now. I am also trying to collect all of the most common links the other teachers use to create a school wide PortaPortal as a way to share with one another. If you go to the glam links at eh end of the webinar, I think you will find links to at least 2 PortaPortals.
I use Diigo, but I also jump in and out of Simply Box too.
I also use Diigo and find it to be a great way to organize my resources easily and put a little description of what I found interesting or what I liked about that specific site.
Another resource that really helps me stay organized are the tags that you can assign to your email in gmail. You can color code and name as many mail groups as you want and have your gmail account automatically send certain emails to those mail groups so you don't even have to do the sorting yourself. It helps a lot when you received a resource through email and are trying to sort through everything to find it. Just look under it's tab!
I use DIIGO, which is a free account and there is an educator DIIGO, but I do not see the difference. I develop online courses and speak at workshops so I create different groups with different topics and as I search through the Internet, I copy the URL into my DIIGO account and I can write a little bit about why I am using it as a resource. I can also create tags and help me locate sources easily. I love DIIGO.
I had so many sites on so many topics I published a website for my students and staff!
Please stop by!
Here's another fun site for bookmarking
According to the link has been down/out of commission for just over a year.
I use Delicious for bookmarks. I use Google's Chrome browser which has a nice little add-on Delicious button so I can bookmark pages in seconds (any browser has a Delicious add-on button).

Twitter is great for bookmarks too. Follow people/sites you like and you'll have a constant stream of useful links. Tweet links you find, or retweet the links you like from others, and your own Twitter timeline/history will be a nice lit of useful sites

I have a Portaportal page that I don't use much anymore. Delicious is much easier to Bookmark and search/sort. I'm moving all my Portaportal links over to Delicious.

I use iGoogle as my home page which gives me my email, RSS, and Twitter feeds in one nice window. Much easier to see everything at one, than trying to bounce around between windows/pages. Makes keeping track of things a bit easier in my opinion.



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