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On a Windows XP computer, use Paint to save your screenshot as a JPG.

To get a screenshot on Windows XP use the PrtScr button near the number keypad.

Command + Shift + 3 = SCREENSHOT ON A MAC

I have a PC Windows 7. For me to do a screenshot, I first have to go to the "snipping tool". Then, I use the wand to take a picture of my screen. Then, the screenshot comes up and I then saved my picture. 

I simultaneously clicked on the shift, command, and 3 keys on my keyboard to obtain this beautiful screenshot. I obtained my screenshot by going to "Pictures." I gotta Mac.

I used a Windows 7 computer and went to start and then opened the snipping tool. I then used the cursor to click and drag over the area that i wanted to screen shot. I then saved the image as a Jpeg file.

I used an iPad- hold home and lock button, then go to photo library to upload

I have a mac.  I used the shortcut SHIFT+ COMMAND+ 4.  Then cropped it, and then I moved it into the frame to drop it in there.


On a Windows Vista computer, I used the Snipping tool and selected my screen to take the screen shot. Then, I saved it to my computer.

I pressed Shift Command 3, and I am a Mac User.

On a macbook all you have to do to take a screenshot is press command, shift, and 3 all at the same time.

I have a Microsoft Surface Pro. To take a screenshot, you simultaneously press the windows and lower volume buttons.

To take a screenshot on a Mac, I pressed command+shift+3.  This saves automatically to the desktop.  




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