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On a Windows 8 you go to search and then search for snipping tool. Using snipping to choose what you want a screen shot of and then save as JPG.

What device: PC Windows 7

I typed Snip into the search space from the windows button. Once I clicked on the snip tool, I clicked next as directed. It then told me to drag the curser to the area I wanted to screen shot. It then took a picture and I saved it to my pictures so I could then post it to this post =).

Went to the snipping tool, and snipped my background, then saved it to my computer. Then linked it as an image to the post. I have a windows 7

On a mac, press shift+command+3 (or 4 for a partial).

I am a Mac user and pressed shift, command, 3. 

On the macbook to take a screenshot all you have to do is press command, shift, and 3 at the same time.


I used a HP computer. To do this I went to my start menu, typed in snip and clicked on snipping tools. I then "Cropped" the screen to get the picture.



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