My teammate and I are looking to write a grant for iPods? We have some ideas how to use, but we are in search for more! Please help!

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We have zunes and have not used them yet. I plan on having students make podcasts relevant to the material in class. I'm also going to use them to add my own recordings to use as instructions and for songs that I am writing (students will do these same things). I'm also planning on making some tutorials that are purposefully wrong so that students can do error analysis. In case you don't get many posts, look at the things you are already doing. See how the iPod can be used to either enhance or replace some of your other resources.
Thanks, Mitch! Great suggestions,
I understand Zunes have wireless capability.
I will be presenting a poster session at the CEC conference in Seattle in April. I have found some inexpensive alternatives to the IPOD. I have a Sansa Fuze 8gb MP# player and a Truly Picnroll. Both of these can run programs from Itunes, real player, videos, FM radio, microphone to record and at a fraction of the costs of an IPOD. I am planning on using with my RSP students for reading, math and writing.
We received our grant for 30 8GB iTouches. Now we have to figure out some logistics of storing, checking out, and so on. My teammate and I are extrememly excited to get started next year.

If anyone one know of some great free apps let us know!
I'm trying to figure this out as well and put some stuff together recently. It may be helpful to you:

I'd also be curious to read what others are thinking!

Glenn Wiebe
IPOD touches were the talk of NECC this year. I would suggest you label them and assign to specific students. I don't own an IPOD touch, but that is on my wish list. ITunes should have some apps. Did you realize the IPOD touch is wireless and students should be able to do a lot. What kind of grant did you receive?
Thanks for the suggestion. My teammate and I will be housing them in their own small storage container. They will be labeled and the container will have a list of the contents. This way there is no confusion on what is in the container.

I put a link on earlier with quite a few apps. There are others that I will try out as well.

I have an iTouch and love it! I used the wireless feature at school all the time! We have 2 networks, one for teachers and students and one for guests.

The grant we received is from our education foundation. This is money raised from our community (I live/teach in a well to do town).
Hi Jeremy,

For you and your teammate, I hope you'll consider GradePad, an iPhone/iPod touch performance assessment tool for teachers and trainers, that's available at the iPhone App Store for $1.99.

With GradePad, teachers and trainers can make observational assessments anywhere. Use GradePad to manage groups, create GradePad rubrics, assess performance, track improvement, and share data.

Thanks for the app recommendation. We will give it a try!
Podcasts used as Literacy & Numeracy Tutorials
I'd love some feedback on podcasts my Year 6 students have created to help the challenged learner.

You can find them at

Ciaran (Kieran) Hanley
I'll be giving updates next year to let people know how things are working. Plus, looking for some helpful hints!

Thanks for the site, I'll check it out.




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