I am the Student Council advisor and have always had trouble communicating with my members, most of whom are not in class with me. This year I have asked the incoming president to create a page on Facebook, and set it so she has to invite all of the students, and me. We will have our elections in a week or so. I'm just wondering if anyone has a guess as to how many of our 20 students (5 each grade, 9-12) would likely be on Facebook?

Has anyone used FB for this kind of thing before? Can you report on your success?

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Based on my students, I would guess all of them. I've not used it in school, but several of our student groups and at least one class in our school use it.
Based on my experience at the post secondary level, I would say 99.9% of students use facebook. Occasionally I'll run into a student that refuses to use it because of privacy reasons.
I used Ning last year for an extra curricular, and it did not work because the kids just didn't check it. We are going to try facebook this year because about 90% of my students use it.

I just started a website page for the same purpose and it is working well. www.spalmeronline.com I am Susan Palmer on Facebook.

I am using Twitter as well this year with students, for the first time. We shall see.
I think every one of your student council members likely has a Facebook. However, I don't know if FB is the right vehicle for student council communications. Doesn't your school have a website with email for faculty and students? Set up a list with all the current student council members and message all at once.
Yes, our school has all of this, but my students will not use it. Very few of them use a traditional email regularly. It seems the email thing is not terribly popular with teens. They text or IM. I have had the president set up a page that only our group will be a part of, and we shall see how that goes...

Here in Utah they are all on it and use it including parents to know what is going on and to communicate with teachers, class advisors, coaches, and of course one another from every part of the state.



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