Creating the positive classroom community helps an administration to enjoy the positive flow of the information in the workplace. The positive classroom community is helpful for promoting the skills. Along with this, it also helps to achieve the academic goals. The positive community classroom helps the administration to create a positive learning environment at the workplace. In order to create a positive classroom community, the administration is needed to focus on some prominent factors.

The concept of creating positive classroom community is applicable in any organisation. Here the pivotal role of the community member is to understand the purpose of their administration. In reverse, the administration needs to build up a better environment for them.

Creating good relationships

The relationship is the vital factor that is needed for creating the positive classroom. In a community, there are numbers of individuals are working together. In order to work together, there is the need for proper coordination at the workplace. For creating the positive classroom community, a good relationship is needed because the classroom is the point of discussion. In the classroom, the entire group is talking as well as discussing the selected issue or topic. The positive classroom defines the friendly working environment, where each of the members is working together with full cooperation. The best relationship is the key factor that helps in creating the positive classroom community.

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Hello!  Your post makes me think of a program that I am involved with, called Need in Deed.  I am a teacher in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Need in Deed is a non-profit organization that assists teachers in creating and implementing community service learning projects with their students.  The program begins with a getting to know each other period of time, when the students learn about each other and begin to form connections based on likes, dislikes, etc.  The second part of the program includes investigating various community "issues", such as child or animal abuse, urban blight, or addiction.  Students are able to conduct research about these topics based on interest and groups are formed to present information to other students.  Eventually, the topics are narrowed down to one and a service learning project is created.  In the past, I have raised money for the local humane society, written letters about the dangers of habitat loss to orangutans, and launched a mission of kindness throughout our school.  

I believe that Need in Deed has really helped me create a positive learning environment over the years and, while everyone does not have access to such a program, creating a classroom project or mission really seems to help form bonds and develop mutual respect for each other.

What makes the difference between a class experience that is positive for both students and teachers and a class experience that is disappointing?

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Creating a positive classroom community at the beginning of the year sets a foundation for learning and cooperation for the rest of the year. My school uses the Leader in Me program based on Stephen Covey's book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Students learn to use the habits in their everyday lives inside and outside of school. Many of the habits deal with communicating and interacting with others. Along with teaching the habits, I take part of each day to allow students to practice talking to each other about their interests as well as learning how to listen and respect each other. A few times a week, we do a morning greeting in which students have to find 3 friends, shake their hands and say, "Good morning, ___." and then give them a compliment. Other times, they share something that they did over the weekend or the evening after school. This has really been beneficial in helping them become more comfortable interacting with each other and working together in class. 



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