Here are a few explanations on how to create a screenshot.

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1. Open the Start Menu

2. Search Snipping Tool

3. Click New Rectangular Snip

4. Select Area

5. End the selection

6. Look at what you snipped

7. Attach it to your document

Via my PC, there are two options in creating a screen shot...

1.) You can push the "prt sc" button, then paste into a word document.

2.) You can use the snipping tool from your windows options and select an area to snip.

For a Mac, you create a screen shot by........

1) (Obvious) Having something like a picture, a website, or something like that you want to remember to make a screen shot of :)

2) Hold down the command button, the shift button, and the #3 button at the same time.

3) You can see your screen shot on your desktop! :) 



If you are using a PC, use the snipping tool to capture a screenshot


If you are using a PC...

  1. Go to the Start button
  2. Use the snipping tool
  3. Choose what part of the screen you want to take an image of
  4. Save the image to your computer

For Windows XP, pres the "PrtSc" button (probably located at the top right of your keyboard).  This will put the screenshot on your clipboard; then you can go into Word and paste it onto a document, and you're done!


On a pc, push prt sc.  Then paste onto a Word doc.  Save file, then attach doc. to discussion.





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