What do you used to create a video tutorial on your screen (Mac)  ?
I used screen flow but I'm looking for a software that will :
1) Capture your screen
2) Easy to "pause"
3) High light specific area
4) Compatible Mac (and PC if possible)
5) Option of 2 screens ( you and your screen)
Any suggestion ?

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I highly suggest Camtasia Studio from TechSmith...tons of features!

Give it a try!

Does it work on Mac ?
Camstasia for Mac doesn't have the same option than for PC. In fact, it's not great for Mac, you can't edit the clips. Thank you anyway for the suggestion. I think I will go with Screenflow.
I agree. Camtasia will do it all and more for you. Been using it for years.
Quicktime and iMovie. Both free and already installed on your Mac.

The latest version of Quicktime will record your screen and it can also record you via the iSight camera.

Record the screen doing the visuals, then record yourself doing the descriptions and then use iMovie to cut them together.

You can then export the finished product in a common playable format.
I have used
(1)http://www.screentoaster.com/ ex. ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmwuM9slVfQ
(2) http://ffmpeg.org/ ex. ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjN0dvprN7Y

• screentoaster is free and easy to use; mac and pc, mayby linux (i have not tried that)

• ffmpeg is highly custimizable and editable down to the frames per second, file types, and files can be merged to incorporate scenes with yourself on camera, and scenes of your screen, but it is harder to learn. ffmpeg is mac, pc, and linux.

hope this helps,

What version of Screenflow were you using?

The new version is excellent. It pauses, and has all of the features you want. It also can record your internal camera, the internal mic or an external, the computer sound, keystrokes etc.

You can highlight areas of the screen, add titles and media, add new recordings, and now it does great automated transitions and other things like automatically dip one soundtrack to allow another to be heard better.

Not sure why you'd want anything else! (and no I am not an employee of Screenflow!) ;)
I'm a Screenflow junkie and use it all the time - they have a wonderful blog with tons of good ideas.
I have used screenvirtuoso and loved it. It is pretty simple and doesn't have a bunch fo bells and whistles but is very easy to use. I used it on my Windows machine and not sure if they have a Mac version. I am currently using the screencasting software that is included with Activeinspire that came with my interactive whiteboard and love it as well. Few more bells and whistles but good. Only thing I don't like about it is that I can't hide the play/record commenads.



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