Post how to do a screenshot - for your device (along with your shot).

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On a Mac, you press three shortcut keys:  Shift->Command->4

For a Mac you do Shift command 4

Using a Mac computer you use a key shortcut.  the shortcut is shift+command+4.  you dont have to press down all at once forcefully like a jutsu though.


On a mac laptop, to take a screenshot press down the "shift"and "command" keys, and then hit the "4" at the same time.


To take an appropriate screenshot with a Mac computer, press command + Shift + 4. 

To capture a screenshot on a Apple Mac laptop press and hold "Command" "Shift" and "4". A crosshair will appear and you should drag it to outline what you want to capture. Additionally, if you hold "Command" "Shift" "3" it will capture the entire screen. The image will appear on your desktop for use./Users/katiehamilton/Desktop/Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 7.16.44 PM.png

To take a screenshot on a MacBook Pro you need to press "Shift" "Command" and "4" simultaneously. Once you have done this, there will be crosshairs to appear on the screen. Click and drag what you would like to take a picture of, and you have successfully taken a screenshot. 

To take a screenshot I click on the start menu, search snipping tool, and then draw a box around the part of the screen I want to screenshot. I then save the file, and viola! Screenshot achieved!
With my PC, I was able to use the Snip tool in order to take a screen shot on my device. If you go to the search bar at the Windows/home page, you can search with the word "snip" and it will bring the tool up on your desktop. Once you click on the tool, you simply drag the cursor over the selected image. Once you have taken your screen shot, you can save the image to whichever file you wish.
Windows Surface

1. Press the volume down button and the home button at the same time. Screenshot is taken when the screen dims.
On my Toshiba windows 8 computer I used the search tool to look up my snipping tool and cropped out the screen to take a screen shot.
To take a screenshot on a MacBook Air, I use one hand to press the command key with the shift button, and with my other hand I press the 4 key. Once I press these three keys all at once, it will show a symbol where the cursor is and you click where you want the picture to be taken by dragging the new cursor to the size you want. It will then take a picture of the screen that I am currently seeing.



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