Post how to do a screenshot - for your device (along with your shot).

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On an Acer computer with Windows, if you want to take a screenshot you have to hold the FN button (in the bottom left corner) and press the PrtSc button (above the backspace). Afterwards, paste the image into your document or the location where you need the screenshot.

To do a screen shot on MacBook you press and hold Shift+Command+4

Upon doing so you will notice your cursor turns into a cross-hair.

You will click once to start your screen shot and then drag the cursor to the end of the desired image.

BOOM. There ya go!

On a PC you go to the start menu and type the word "snip" into the search bar and it will pull up a thing called "snipping tool" and then you use the cursor to select what you want to capture and save it.

I love that snipping tool - so easy to use. Take a picture and then copy it and paste wherever you want. I use it every day! Created my slides for a blog post today using it.

On Ubuntu 10.04, go to Applications/Accessories/Take Screenshot or press "print screen" or "PrtScrn"




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