The main thing to remember about a cover letter is that it is supposed to be a simple introduction to you and your resume. This means that a good administrative cover letter should be short and simple.

Keep It Short and Simple

The best advice you for writing a cover letter for an administrative cover letter is: keep it short. The longer a cover letter is the more likely people are not to read it. The shorter it is the more likely people will be to read it. This means that the worst thing you can do is to write a long cover letter.

There’s another reason why should not write a very long cover letter. The more you write, the more likely you will be to make an embarrassing mistake. Longer letters are more likely to contain mistakes that you will miss. One mistake is enough reason for somebody to throw out your resume without reading it.

A shorter cover letter will be less likely to contain mistakes. It will also be easier for you to spot the mistakes and correct them.

Things You Should Not Include in a Cover Letter:

  • Information that is already included in your resume such as your experience, career objective, college degree, work history, skills, etc. There’s no reason to write the same things over and over again.
  • References. These should be listed on a separate document that you should only submit if a prospective employer asks for it.
  • Personal information about yourself or your family. In particular any information about your race, family background, religion, etc. It is illegal for employers to ask about this so don’t include it.
  • Your salary or benefit requirements. Discuss these when you begin negotiations for an employment contract.
  • Descriptions of accomplishment outside your field of employment. These can be best left to your resume.
  • Detailed descriptions of work history, job accomplishments, etc.

What to Include in an Administrative Cover Letter

  • A brief description of your accomplishments in administrative work.
  • A brief description of your background, experience, and qualifications for the job.
  • Your availability for job interviews and other meetings with prospective employers.
  • Your availability for employment. For example, if you have a position that ends on the 31st mention the fact.
  • Your contact information such as e-mail, phone number, etc., so prospective employers can contact you.
  • Your willingness to answer questions that prospective employers might have about you or your qualifications.
  • The fact that your resume is attached to the cover letter.
  • The specific position or type of position that you are applying for.
  • A place where a person can get a new copy of your resume.

You do not have to spend that much time and effort on an administrative resume cover letter. In most cases, one paragraph describing your qualifications for the job and your availability will suffice.

The cover letter should be printed so that people can read it. If it is printed out you should sign it because that will look more professional. Cover letters do not have to be printed on special paper or resume paper. A clean piece of typing paper will look just as good and cost you less. To save money on ordering your resume, use the services like Resume Coupons with discounts and promo codes.

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