From the opening of the novel and the introduction of Tom Sawyer's gang, there is a different type of understanding painted about who Huckleberry Finn truly is.  It becomes obvious when he decides to leave Sawyers gang that the things which are not actual are hard to digest and continue with as a part of everyday life.  While the tale of Huckleberry Finn exposes many themes, Huck's encounter with religion in the beginning of the novel unfolds.  Huck, being a completely practical young boy, struggles with grasping an understanding of religion.  As Miss Watson tries to steer him to a true understanding of prayer and the benefits of it, Huck considered the concept but still takes everything at face value, due to his literal nature.  Miss Watson's situation, the widow and his fish hooks cause him to think about whether or not prayer is real. 

Some may say that his literal mindset has difficulty with beliefs that some things, on the surface, appear to be impractical or untrue.  Then there are others who suggest that the comparing and contrasting of the religions of his guardians, Miss Watson and Widow Douglas, may play a major role in his understanding, or misunderstanding of religion.  While Huck begins to see that religion in practiced differently, he has to make a choice on which one best fits his beliefs and personality. 

In the beginning of the novel, Twain establishes a contrast between Tom and Huck.  Huck's views of religion tie into this contrast as well.  He views Tom's imagination as a dead ringer for Miss Watson's ideals on religion; he distrusts the superficial nature of both.   Although he does not understand the nature of prayer, he does realize that it has a purpose in his path that helps him grow. 

Consider which belief system he chooses to follow and why?  In your opinion,  does Huck reject religion?  Also, consider how the religious belief that he moves away from ties into his views on Tom and helps him to move forward in his journey.  How does his understanding of religion tie into, or not, his fear of Pap finding him and the superstitious nature that he and Jim share?    


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Huck rejects religion in the beginning because he believes it only benefits other people. Huck knows from his guardians influence that what Tom does is wrong, he consciously disagrees with Toms decisions. Tom helps him realize he must be a leader and his follower attitude will get him in trouble. Huck is fearful of Pap finding him and taking his money. He looks to an unworldly source to find answers and comfort with the Pap situation. This shows he has some sense of religious yearn. Jim states that Pap and Huck have" two guardian angels over them". One angel represents the devil and one God. In every decision Pap and Huck make it shows what their character is, Godly or devilish. 

I agree, because Huck didn't know what to believe and after he sees how Tom acts, he decided to change his ways & do right for the better. After he got an understanding, he could deteremine whether he should believe or disbelieve.

Was it just Tom that impacted his actions?

I see where yall are coming from i agree you must first comprehend it before yo9u accept it. (religion)

I'm kind of confused when does Tom show that Huck should be the leader. 

Huck regects religion because he has no beliefs, he doesn't believe in himself nor will he believe in God. He is confused about what he wants and in the world he lives in. The choices he makes reflects upon what he ends up believing, therefore with everything he's learned, he does believe in God because he's always been alone and with God by his side, things will be in place. Sometimes God tests you and pap was a test for Huck to see whether he believed or not, which he did.

I agree with Dalia because God does find ways to test you and pap was that obstacle for Huck to overcome which has lead him to believe in God.

I do agree that Pap had quite a bit to do with the decisions Huck made, by why do you say he was  an obstacle  that lead Huck to a belief in God?

He was one of the only tests in Huck's life. And for him to believe, one of his major problems was going to have to be faced. In this instance, it was his father. His father's appearance made him want him to communicate with an imaginary or spiritual source.

I don't think Huck intentionally wanted to believe in god, but merely was shown god through the widows daily routine.

I agree with you dalia before he can believe in a type of religion you have to believe in your self.

I agree with Dalia because God put many tests and obstacles in Huck's life to see how much faith he had in him. Huck turned to God for the reason that he doesn't want to go through difficult times alone.



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