From the opening of the novel and the introduction of Tom Sawyer's gang, there is a different type of understanding painted about who Huckleberry Finn truly is.  It becomes obvious when he decides to leave Sawyers gang that the things which are not actual are hard to digest and continue with as a part of everyday life.  While the tale of Huckleberry Finn exposes many themes, Huck's encounter with religion in the beginning of the novel unfolds.  Huck, being a completely practical young boy, struggles with grasping an understanding of religion.  As Miss Watson tries to steer him to a true understanding of prayer and the benefits of it, Huck considered the concept but still takes everything at face value, due to his literal nature.  Miss Watson's situation, the widow and his fish hooks cause him to think about whether or not prayer is real. 

Some may say that his literal mindset has difficulty with beliefs that some things, on the surface, appear to be impractical or untrue.  Then there are others who suggest that the comparing and contrasting of the religions of his guardians, Miss Watson and Widow Douglas, may play a major role in his understanding, or misunderstanding of religion.  While Huck begins to see that religion in practiced differently, he has to make a choice on which one best fits his beliefs and personality. 

In the beginning of the novel, Twain establishes a contrast between Tom and Huck.  Huck's views of religion tie into this contrast as well.  He views Tom's imagination as a dead ringer for Miss Watson's ideals on religion; he distrusts the superficial nature of both.   Although he does not understand the nature of prayer, he does realize that it has a purpose in his path that helps him grow. 

Consider which belief system he chooses to follow and why?  In your opinion,  does Huck reject religion?  Also, consider how the religious belief that he moves away from ties into his views on Tom and helps him to move forward in his journey.  How does his understanding of religion tie into, or not, his fear of Pap finding him and the superstitious nature that he and Jim share?    


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I agree with Melissa , Huck feels as if religion doesn't suit him.

I agree with Melissa, Huck feels that religion will not benefit and is just a waste of his time in the beginning of the story

I believe Huck does not want to accept the religion of miss watson in the beggining. Unlike Tom he knows what he does is wrong but goes along with it anyways. I think that Pap helps him come to the realizarion that God does exist in his own way and that he will figure his religion out his way
I agree with melissa .. he dosent understand how religion works.. he thinks its for certain people .

Nyla, but, why was his initial thought that it wasnt for him?

Since Huck opposes society he doesnt feel that he fits into religion either.

I agree with melissa .. he dosent understand how religion works.. he thinks its for certain people .

Huck does not understand the true meaning of religion which leads him to a big confusion. Huck sees religion as why should you believe in a stranger such as God when you hardly believe in yourself. Since he didn't grew up in a spiritual environment, he ended up making the wrong decisions in his life. However, once he sees what Tom does he realizes that what he is doing is not right. He gains a better understanding of who is God and what faith really is when Pap returns to his life. He fears Pap because of what he lived with him in the past and does not want to continue living that nightmare. For that reason is when he believes in God and knows that God is always going to be by his side in good and bad times.

I agree with Natalie, if Huck doesn't believe in himself then less then likely will he believe in God.

I agree because the fact that Huck doesnt believe in himself means that he lacks confindence and the fact that he doesnt believe in God means that he lacks faith.

Huckleberry Finn doesn't consider or belileve in a specific religion, Huck is unsure and is being questionable about what he should believe in .So yes Huck is rejecting religion. Huck notices how Tom reacts and doen't like his attitude. That's why Huck decideds to change and become a better person and a role model to Tom. Huck is fearful of Pap findng him and taking his money.

I agree with Marisol because Huck's uncertainty leads him to his views on religion. He's not sure what to believe in.



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