I've been reviewing different document cameras as our elementary school is interested in getting one document camera per classroom.

I came across a suggestion that the Hue HD Webcam works great as a document camera.

Has anyone used the Hue HD Webcam and would it work as a cheap document camera? Are there other options out there that you've tried instead of spending +$500 on document cameras?


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Dear Derwin,

I have been researching USB webcams and their application as document cameras. The HUE HD looks pretty good, the newer models may be netter than the first line introduction. They do not have onboard lighting nor do they have auto focus.
At $79.00 they look enticing, short warranty. The Logitech Pro 9000 may become a front runner in this category. Sharp, Zeiss optics, auto focus and a reliable company....I am going to buy one from Staples at $69.00...HA! They cost me $86 from a wholesaler. Crazy Business. Ok, the only other thing we need is a platform to hold the webcam over a document or workspace.( I'm working on that now, I'll get it on the web after development)

There are two other major brand document cameras to look at.
The new LadiBug DC120 from Lumens...autofocus/lighting/5 year warranty/full classroom software package at $320.00 it might be worth the pricing difference.
Then there is KenAVisions VisionViewer 7890UM. Manual focus/ no lighting/3 year warranty/ awesome software package, $335.00.

There are 20+ brands and models of webcams on the market. I just came back from BestBuy, checking out the physical properties of each product. Then there are hundreds of Asian webcams, make that many, many hundreds. There are models in every imaginable configuration out there.

Any webcam can be rigged up to look downward, any digital camera or Video Cam will work as well.
I'll write up a review on the Lumens DC120 once I get my demo.
I picked up a couple HUE HDs some months back and have had some of my colleagues try them out. We found them to be useful as a replacement for an overhead projector in that you could project your handwriting from paper as well as student illustrations. We also found them useful in science classrooms in projecting hands-on demonstrations.

The main limitation though was documents. Our Language Arts teachers couldn't project essays as we were hoping. The resolution was not sufficient to project a printed document where a line of text spans the whole page.

Certainly worth the money - but it does have some limitations
Thanks for the feedback everyone...I'm going to pick one up this summer and give it a try in my next school even considering the limitations mentioned. :)
Dear Derwin,

Hold off a bit. RM Education is releasing a new document camera called the EasiView for $127.00 This summer!

I have tested the only model in the US. The software works fine and the resolution is sharp enough to read documents.


The LogiTech Pro9000 works great as a substitute document camera, you only need a method of support.

It has auto focus and variable resolutions and a great software package. Further, it is great for skype conferences.

I don't sell them so.......check it out. I bought one online from Staples for $69,00.

I have developed a couple of stands for them,,,,,soon to be advertised!

I saw a document camera made from a webcam--logitech--this weekend; it was mounted on a flexible lamp which I bought for $6 @ a box store.

Dear Bev,

I dropped the project due to a cost vs. profit analysis. There was simply not enough demand nor profit in pursuing a gooseneck support. As you have demonstrated, you purchased a support for $6.00.

The Logitech works great, it will serve most teachers well. There are a few manufacturers offering below $200.00 systems. They are USB document scanners that can function quite well as a document camera.

Thanks for the info...JJC



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