I've been reviewing different document cameras as our elementary school is interested in getting one document camera per classroom.

I came across a suggestion that the Hue HD Webcam works great as a document camera.

Has anyone used the Hue HD Webcam and would it work as a cheap document camera? Are there other options out there that you've tried instead of spending +$500 on document cameras?


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what software to you use to run the webcam? I 'm trying to find a program to run it and show full screen.
Where did you find a HueHD for $20.00? I paid almost $100.00 for mine that I wanted to try.
I paid $47 for my HueHD from Amazon.com..
Looking, as you were, for cheaper alternatives to document cameras and found this info: http://urenglishteacher.blogspot.com/2009/04/youre-going-to-love-ey...

I don't know about the stand, but the info about the camera was good to know.
I have a HueHD Webcam.... but since my kids got it - it is usually connected to their laptop and used for simple Stop Motion animation work.

To some of the points made - it is very light weight and keeps falling over and feels quite delicate and you really see a drop in performance in poor lighting and contrast is not great. You wont be zooming in to the crystal grains in rocks and patterns on insect wings with it... but for the price it is on a par with any webcam and the flexi neck is just so useful.

If you do not have a budget for a full feature/performance doc cam - there is little to lose - you will find some uses for it and if you do upgrade, you can dedicate it to stop motion or to act as a simple webcam.

It is Twain compliant so you can import the images into many software packages easily.
Jim Cottrell,

I just looked at Amazon.com, and the cheapest Hue I found was $48.95. Where did you find one for17?


Les Biffle
I bought it last May and it was a PC only version. I think it has the same sensor of 1.3 but video resolution was 640 by 480 max. Looks like they realized people would pay more for them. The regular price was $20 but the green color was selling for $16.99. Looks like it was a great deal.
Now I remember. They sold for $20 at the time, but Tigerdirect had them for $17. Currently Tigerdirect is sold out of them, but keep watching for them. Also check here, but be careful who you buy from.
If you buy a couple of doc cam you can pretty get a good discount :D
I was thinking that a video camera with a remote would be awesome. You could use it to zoom in on things and you could hook it directly into the LCD without having to run it through you computer, right?
Bought a cheap $20 web cam on a base and it works but it had no software. I tried Skype but it only gives a tiny window on the laptop screen/projector in front of classroom. Other software suggestions?

tks from budget doomed michigan

This is the website for the hue software which works with my other web cam.
I got lucky and bought six Hues for $10.00 at a Kmart that was closing.

The hue software works great because there is a flip and rotate setting that helps you optimize the camera. The hue software can be used with other web cams, and I think you download it from the Clique Hue website.



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