I just started experimenting with Jing - are there comparable tools out there?

I'm pretty impressed with Jing - I just put up this blog post about taking it for a trial run. I'm wondering if there are other tools out there that provide similar functionality for free, or very low cost? I love being able to create stand alone presentations like this, and being able to use screen shots or recorded screen activity captures, but it would be nice to have more flexibility with editing and recording. One technique I can envision is using Windows Media Player Live (which supports MP4 format) to be able to piece together screen shots and video captures I create with Jing. This would also allow me to create longer presentations. Anyway, if anyone is aware of similar tools/techniques that are free or very low cost, I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

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Hello Kelly,
I know about a tool which is completely online and can help you create screencasts and it is totally free. The name of it is Screentoaster [http://www.screentoaster.com/] and with it you can create tutorials, lectures that can be embeded to any web site or can be uploaded to youtube. One disadvantage is that you cannot edit your records but you can do it with a tool called Any Video Converter Professional.
I hope this information is useful for you.
Thanks Maricarmen - I tried Screentoaster out early in 2009 and it just kept hanging up on me, but I'll give it a fresh shot this weekend. Thanks again.
There are lots. Try screenjelly.com.
Thanks Jonathan - I'll give screenjelly a shot!
Hello Kelly,

Here are a few more alternatives--I find you can never have enough!

Camstudio: will actually record screen video:



This last one doesn't look like it would help, but it also does screen capture as well as many other things involving images. It is called FastStone Image Viewer:
FastStone Image Viewer

All of the above are Free!!!
I've had luck with screenr.com. I find the integration with twitter and the creation of a "channel" of my work to be an interesting way to direct folks to what I've done. The url of the channel is pretty easy to remember and give out: mine is http://screenr.com/user/drewmca
Thanks so much Jeffrey and Drew for your suggestions - I'll add these to my growing list of products to check out and blog about in the next few weeks. I'm excited about finding the right combination of free or low cost tools that enable users to create engaging presentations that can stand alone or run via the 'Net.
Glad to be of help, Kelly. Be sure to drop the link to your blog post here once you finish it! I'm interested to hear your thoughts.
Screenr is great, sorry I didn't see this one before - thanks for the recommendation. It's an easy Jing, although it doesn't seem you can export the files to MP4 if you want to. Pretty much for your own archive within Screenr or for Twitter. I will definitely use it.
Glad you like it, Donna! Happy to help.
Thanks again to everyone for their input. I put together a table of recommended sites and gave them each a little looking into this weekend. Here's my blog post on these 12 tools. Feel free to weigh in with further feedback and thoughts!

You could use voicethread to piece together screenshots and video captures and it is fairly cheap and user friendly.  Animoto lets you piece together pictures that is all you have.



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