Are your districts using online credit recovery such as NOVANET or other similar programs?

How are they set up? Are certified teachers in subject areas running the programs? Are they running classes with seat time requirements?

I am also interested to hear how districts in New York state are using it, if at all? It is not clear to me how this plays out with NY regulations re the above.

Any feedback is helpful.


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I thought you were talking about "credit recovery" as in credit card. haha!!
No... :) Programs to help keep kids from dropping out by giving them another means to make up credit for courses failed.
You can tell I don't teach high school and watch the TV pundits discuss the economy too much!!
Hi Sue. I am also interested in this. I have been working with various individuals and vendors for many years to find solutions. Attached is a document that might help. It is just a draft I did up to start thinking about some of these issues.
But please do contact me and lets put this together more fully.
Our district in South Carolina uses A+ Learning Systems for Credit Recovery. Our teachers also use it for HSAP practice or for review in the lower grades.
Interesting question. Our district (medium size in Ohio) is constantly asking this question...particularly as our state is moving away from "seat time" into credit gained (be that course completion, internships, etc) for graduation requirements.

We've used NOVANET in the past, currently we're using Apex Learning (we have 4 certified teachers running a separate credit recovery program), in the future we're hoping to develop courses in house and use them with Blackboard. We're actually part of a consortium of districts that use Blackboard. One of the ideas we're looking at is having different teachers in the consortium design different classes and then creating a repository of classes that any district can use.

It's still in the brainstorming phase. But I could see it happening in the next 3 years.
I just launched a new site to facilitate discussion on this topic and share info with fellow NY teachers. NY is propsing a virtual school as well as new regs for credit recovery.

I am hoping the site will facilitate info and conversation. Please add any comments you may have and pass the site along. This is a critical issue.

Sue Palmer
Virtual College seems interesting. As a high school teacher I put all my work sheets online , run a wiki with senior studnets and blogs as necessary partly to contact disengaged youngsters and those who miss school. See my efforts at:


PS As part of a state wide project I am with a group that is looking at alternatives to standard school - using mentors, parenting engagement, virtual classes, non trained specialists (eg dance teacher), varying school hours, 24/7 etc.
We use APEX learning in the alternative school. In the past we used NovaNet and Novel. Apex is a lot more user friendly and engaging.
I am in Colorado. In our district, students are using A+ for credit recovery. Right now, all there is no seat time requirement. When they complete the course, they are done and get the credit. It is getting a lot of students the credit they need to graduate. However, I am not sure how much knowledge they get from the program. Some of the students are getting a credit (a whole semester worth of credit) in as little as 8-12 hours. It certainly works if the goal is getting them a degree. I am not sure that it works if the goal is to prepare them for the future.



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