I recently took a job working with middle school teachers to help them integrate technology into the curriculum, but our district's resources are somewhat limited.  In both middle schools of about 700 students each, there is one lab.  Each teacher has a laptop and projector, so the district is really pushing the 'one computer classroom' platform.  I'm looking for some resources or project ideas that middle school math teachers can use to integrate technology into their math curriculum. 

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I would sugesst you an online application that is www.edmodo.com. you can register your students on that and get their personal IDs and password. pupils can be given home assignments and mathematical quizzes can also be uploaded on this. Puils' progress can be monitored easiliy and you can give them coomment and awards  to motivate them.

Nishat kashir

Hi Elise,

I teach Mathematics  and ICT to Middle School students as well.  There are many online free resources that you can use. 

Following are the names of some of the things that you can use in your class.

You can use IXL.com, Mangahigh.com and TenMarks.com. The only thing that you will be needing are computers and internet for all of the sites I have mentioned.

These online tools will help your class to practice Math. The parents will also be able to see the performance of their children in it because parents can  make the accounts in TenMarks and it is free for schools.

You can also use edmodo.com. Its a free blog. Only your students will be able to access that blog with their username and passwords and you can create quizzes in Edmodo. You can discuss students problems related to Math by using the comment feature in it.

I hope you will find these useful. Good Luck.

Hi Muneeza,

I am working as a Mathematics coordinator. Along with teachers' traing,  I also take a lead role in reccommending  the teachers new software and some good and practical math websites. I have explored IXL.com, Mangahigh.com but only for a trial period. Later on you have to buy them which is quite expensive. where as edmodo is an exceleent online application for Math that can bew used both for assessing students' learning and assigning homework ans assignmets.Muneeza would you like to share with me your experinence of Prime Time Math as I want to introduce in my schools.

Hi, Muneeza ,

your reply is still awaited. would kindly take out some time and provide me with your feedback.

Hi Nishat,

I agree with you that we have to buy IXL and Mangahigh after the trial period but I think they are excellent online tools. I had a good experience with both of them and I recommended both to my Head so we can buy for our school. My class Mathematics abilities have improved because of Mangahigh and IXL.

I would be extremely grateful if you can share free online Math resources with me. Please guide me about any software which is helpful and not too costly or any practical Math websites.

There are many Prime Time Math software. PrimeTime Math presents challenging math problems across six titles from grades 4 to 9:

Adrift  is for grades 4–5. 

Lost is for grades 5–6. Students rank decimals and percents, multiply two-digit decimals, and measure angles and distances using a protractor.

Cliffbound and Stakeout is for grades 6–7. 

Emergency is for grades 7–8.

Fire is for grade 8-9.

Above mentioned Prime Time Math software are  Tom Snyders production.

 I used Prime Time Math Lost which is for grade  5-6. My school  bought the software for teachers. It was recommended by the Math coordinators..

The thing I like about the software is that the activity is designed to involve the whole class at the same time. Students cannot use it alone. The role of the  teacher, is essential to getting the most out of PrimeTime Math Lost. Teacher role is the facilitator, coach, and evaluator. 

In PrimeTime Math: Lost!, students follow a search and rescue team as they try to find a lost girl.
It creates  a realistic scenario for the students.

My class enjoyed it and learned the importance of Math in real life. It connects the real life to the classroom when students use different Mathematics concepts to find the missing girl and to track the progress of the search team.

Hi Muneeza,  Thank you so much for the detailed information about Prime Time Math, I am exited to know that these software cater to the needs of almost all the levels. I have used a Math software for teaching of Geometry that is Geometry Blaster. This is an excellent software for teaching and learning that also includes practice sums which students find very helpful and interesting. I have introduced Algebraic Equation solver also for solving not only the equations but also all kind of algebra with accurate answers and commentary.the files prepared on this software can be converted to  Microsoft Word.These software cater to both Primary and Secondary levels. How cost effective are IXL and Manga high if I recommend  my institute to buy these? 

Hi Nishat,

How are you? Thank u for telling me about the Geometry Blaster and Algebraic equation solver. Kindly send me the web address of algebraic equation solver.

 I agree that Geometry blaster is not too expensive but do u think that they offer same kind of opportunities for students like Mangahigh and IXL . Geometry Blaster only deal with Geometrical problems(Please correct me if I am wrong) whereas Mangahigh  gives students a chance to learn from different games,  based on different topics and it also help teachers to plan differentiated task. Mangahigh persuade students with easy tasks and then builds confidence for harder more abstract work. and it analyses students performance through graphs. Mangahigh and IXL both help students to review their mistakes offer certificates and medals to motivate students. Students can also access them from home which helps them to learn 24/7.  IXL also sent emails to  teacher about the weekly performance of their students. Mangahigh site shows a clear picture through data and graph about each and every student in the class.


Hi Muneeza,

I do not know the web address of algebraic equation solver. actually one of my colleague shared it with me. You are absolutely right that Geometry Blaster only provides practice and demonstration.Data analysis of students performance is not possible but it does not require internet connectivity. would you kindly share the kind of barrier you face in embedding ICT fully in your institution  

Hi Nishat,

There are few problems sometimes  ICT tools are too expensive and it is not possible for the management to buy the tool from the limited budget of the school. Sometimes the number of resources are an issue. At times teachers do not bother to make an effort to arrange everything for  ICT integrated lesson because they think it is time taking. The proper training of the teachers  where they will learn how to benefit from less number of resources is very important. Teachers should know that even with less number of resources they can plan an ICT integrated lesson they just need to know how to manage the resources.

What are the barriers that you face in embedding ICT fully in your institution?

In our institution the head is not that motivated and secondly only one lab is not sufficient to cater for all the eight subjects. The head believes that use of ICT lessons hinders the completion of scheme of work where as I believe it helps in developing faster and deep understanding of the concepts in any of the subject. 

Hi Nishat,

I agree with  you  that one computer lab is not enough to cater for all the eight subjects and it can accommodate the student of many sections, their IT lessons and ICt integrated lessons but in our case we have three computer labs for Primary, Middle and Senior School and the resource room as well we just need to train the teachers to plan and conduct ICT lessons effectively.

I just came across www.khanacademy.org. If you YouTube Salman Khan you will find his videos explaining the purpose of the academy. He suggests watching the video is the homework. The classroom then becomes the place to explore what you have learned.



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