We are looking at building a multimedia museum at our school. We've been toying with the idea for a few years now and we've built a few lessons around the use of the facilities. I'm wondering if others have more experience with the set up that might inspire us further.

What we're looking at currently is:
1 projector + screen
3 large LCD monitors, likely one for each wall
A bank of 10-15 computers in the center of the room
Display cases for real objects

The room would have only enough chairs for the computers, the rest would be open and free-flowing like a museum. We can easily "sell" the computer bank and display cases, it is the multiple large monitors I'm looking at specifically.

Has anyone done any lessons utilizing multiple video sources? I know TCI recommends using dual projectors for lectures (one for media, one for text). I know about Google Jockeying and I know what we're hoping to do with the monitors but more ideas would be awesome!

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I would look at a Smartboard solution in place of at least one of the large LCD displays. The nice aspect of using this ype of technology is te versatility. While my role is in IT support, I can see the advantage of using this type of technology in an instructional environment. Your "museum" can become more interactive and your students work can become the works of art on the other displays.

Marty Caise
Project: Tech Answers
I have considered that as well. The projector will almost certainly be "interactive" with the Wiimote Whiteboard set up but I may try to push for a little extra cost and go with a full on whiteboard.

My question would be what is the learning objective. Of course, if there aren't numerous learning objectives from such a facility it would probably not be worthwhile.

I always hate to see separate sites set up with technology because technology has no value in and of itself. Instead its value comes from the way in which it enriches learning of important knowledge and skills. With this in mind, does it make more sense to spend the money all in one room or to spread it around the different rooms in the school?

Andrew Pass
The objective is to showcase student work and achievement (hence the museum idea.) The reason for making it into a functioning technology lab as well is that it will take little alteration to the museum plan and will give us the opportunity to use it in a more directly educational way. Beyond that, most of the students in my community have never been anywhere near a museum. They've never seen exhibits or anything of the sort. We want to change that.

So many of our students do technology-based projects that are never seen by any eyes other than their own and their teacher's and I find that to be a huge disservice to our students. The museum will help with that by making these accessible to the entire campus.

As far as "spreading the wealth" we've been down that road. We have unused technology all over campus (which is, in fact, how we're building the museum.) The only spending we're actually planning is the LCD panels for the walls. The spread tech ends up gathering dust and is sadly insufficient. Having one computer in my classroom does me little good. Having a room with 15 would serve me wonderfully.



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