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My dream technology would be a personal processor for every learner that could be worn as some type of unobtrusive accessory. This processor would have technology that would interface with a wide range of input devices (like Wii controllers, or special clothing that tracked body movements) and ouput devices from large screen interactive, holographic monitors to personal "heads-up" displays and 3-D printers. These tools could be limited locally, within my classroom to avoid students using them for distracting purposes but would allow the students to be extremely engaged in collaborative learning and creation of meaningful products.
That is really interesting, Randy. An on-the-go learning tool. Do you know anything like that that exists?
My dream is a machine, about the size of a phone booth (remember those?). Upon entering the booth, I'll instantly be cloned, thus cutting my class sizes from 36 to 18. Of course I'll get to decide which students stay with me and which the clone has to deal with.

On a side note, I'd also send the clone to the theater with my wife when she wants to see movies like "Nights in Rodanthe."
We may not all appreciate the internet, but i think it is by far the most revolutionary technology that has the capability to make education accessible to all. Imagine the possibilities If everyone could own an internet connected computer. Thats my dream technology.
Will you invent it, if we tell you?



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