If you had $250.00 to purchase products or software for your school what would you buy?


I am the technology coordinator at a high school, so purchases I make are shared with the entire school (though only a handful of teachers take advantage of them). I am running out of time to spend the last of my budget money, which is approximately $250.


Any suggestions? Thanks!


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flip camcorders - easy to use - easy to upload - works for any subject area
Personally I think that most point and shoots are just as good as a flip camera, especially at High School where ease of use is less of an issue. They can be decent cameras and many have HD capabilities now, so are more flexible than a flip, and equally portable.

That said, I am not sure what I would spend the 250 on. Regrettably 250 will not go very far, especially when the item you buy has to be shared. Things like an iPod Touch could be bought, but one cannot be used by very many. Maybe look at software options or internet subscription sites?

Can you give us a little more info on what you want to do?

If, for example, you wanted to document programs around your school that you are proud of, or on the other hand things that need attention or fixed up, look at the Kodak zi8 camcorder. It is like the Flip cam but is the only cam on the market that allows you to plug in a microphone. Pros are using this set up to create very high quality (HI DEF) video on a shoe string budget.

Take the finished videos to your school board to share your successes as well as those things that need their attention. This may convince them to budget for larger ticket items in the future since you did so much with so little.

This camera and a mic and tripod can be bought for right at $250!

Let me know if you need more details.

I would buy the new Inspiration software. It is awesome! It generates amazing graphic organizers. Your can use the ones already built into the program or create your own. There is also a built in dictionary and thesaurus. www.inspiration.com

I may buy that myself in the next month.





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