Hi everyone,
Am working with students on using iGoogle as their mashups and was looking for any widgets or gadgets that you've run across that would be awesome for students? So far the most exciting ones we have run across are the joke of the day and birthday reminders :-) Besides the other mindless drivel!


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Not sure what a mashup is. I know the widgets I use on my igoogle page that I like are the sudoku, dictionary, places to see, and yellow pages.
Thanks for responding Darcie!
I think my question may have been too broad. There are SO many widgets and gadgets available through iGoogle, I was just hoping to put together a list of common ones that would really helpful for students. I have several students who have added the dictionary and sudoku as well. I think those are awesome gadgets to add! I'm just looking for recommendations on others that would be hyper student friendly.

Thanks for the suggestions!

On the topic of a mash up....iGoogle is a "mashup." A mashup is a webpage that allows you to take content from other sites and display them all on one page. So it is to say that I've taken content and "mashed it" onto one site. Netvibes is another example of a mashup. (hopefully that made sense...and if I didn't explain it correctly, hopefully someone will come along and straighten me out :-) You can always click here for more information.
Do you have your students create their own .gmail account for this? Or what email address do you use for them to create their own google account?

Thanks for replying Dan,
We use Gaggle.net for our student email. It is possible to create a Google Account without using Gmail. Once you have a Google Acct. you are only minutes away from accessing a Gmail, but we don't emphasize that at all. Roughly 50% of our students have Gmail accts anyway. I'm concerned a bit about students creating another email that their parents wouldn't know about, so I've tried to educate our parents as much as possible.

We use Goggle accounts primarily for using Google Docs, Reader, Alerts, Maps, and now iGoogle.

Hope that helps!
Nice....very cutting edge. Not quite there for student use yet, but soon....

Thanks for the heads up!
What are your concerns for student use?
Don't know that the tool has enough uses yet to start working with....yet. I have been wrong before though?

I do need to spend some more time with it.

Thanks for the encouragement.
How about zoom clouds? http://zoomclouds.egrupos.net/
We actually have an entire blog and gadget set up just for finding the newest coolest gadgets at: http://igooglegadgetblog.com/ or you can get the gadget directly here
On a pedantic note, I probably wouldn't call iGoogle or Netvibes a mashup :) They are personalised start pages.

How old are your students and what are the educational outcomes that you are looking for? One of the best uses of personalised start pages is as a place to aggregate RSS feeds for interesting blogs and news sites.

I know that you are currently using iGoogle but Netvibes has a bit more flexibility. You get access to all of the Google gadgets plus many more widgets from other providers. You can embed HTML code, which means that you can grab embeds from SlideShare, Scribd, or any of these:
Embeddable Things to Put in Your Wiki Blog or Moodle
Sharing individual widgets with friends is easy as is sharing whole tabs. It is a more social experience than iGoogle



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