I am looking for a way to create an image carousel or a picture slideshow on a teachers web page.


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how about http://animoto.com/ if you want something elaborate (and cool) or http://www.slideshare.net/ if you want something more basic? Using SlideShare you would put the photos into a Power Point first and then Slide Share would allow you to imbed into a webpage.
www.popfly.com. Go to create and choose mashup.

This is Microsoft's answer to Flash and it works beautifully. You can make carousels, image stacks, and a really cool 3d photo sphere among other things. You can see the carousels in use here: http://mrroughton.com/units.aspx

It is easy, free and has tons of other applications as well.
Try smilebox.com, fast and easy!! You can see a slideshow at the bottom of this page
Go to Step #4: Share, Print or DVD and it will give you the code.
I really like slide.com. I took pictures and posted them on my website. It was easy to do. Check out my class pictures.
a really easy way would be to upload pics to ning, create an album and then embed it on your site.
Hi, I recommend picturetrail
I like to use www.rockyou.com
Very easy to jazz up the backgrounds and themes~
Lots of options for transitioning between pictures.
Even has music, if interested.



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