I have been reading the following: 


Imagining the Internet


The links on this page lead to thousands of forecasts about the networked future.

What are some of your ideas?
Better yet ~ what are some of your students ideas?

Looking forward to fun imaginings,

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Networks have always existed. Siemens says, "Students entering higher education today.....possess a different view of technology due to lifelong immersion in a digital, media-rich, and networked world." Really? Wait, I entered higher education a few yesterdays ago....but yet, are my present expectations any different than the described collegiate student? Explain that one!

I would counter that my world in high school and college was just as networked and just as media-rich. The connections were different. There was a different speed to networks. The difference is not in the networks themselves, the difference is in the connectors and the speed at which they move.

Any thoughts on the speed of human acceptance?  The world I grew up in was limited with parameters that for the most part held networking opportunities to a smaller range.  Now I learn things I never would have thought about in my previous eras.  The ease of obtaining information leading to extension learning not directly related has opened my perception of possibilities.  I no longer think anything is impossible. 

Thanks for sharing,


I think that what we imagine today, probably won't even be close to what technology will be available in 2020 or what the world will be like.  If it follows the past, most of stuff that will be around in 2020 is going to come from the minds of kids that are now somewhere between 7-14 years old.  And they have no idea what it is going to be. We, older people tend to ask "why" too much, when we should be asking "why not".  That's the reason why most all new innovation comes from younger people.  Years ago, I thought I would never be like my father (conservative), now as I get older, I grow more and more into my father. (even though I usually try to deny it *LOL*.  So I imagine a world that will "be a LOT different than today", with specifics that my old mind can't even begin to fathom. At least right now, maybe tonight when I go to sleep I will gain some insight!

I hope technology is way faster, way more seamless, and way more ubiquitous!



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