I recently read several posts on the benefits of inclusion. Spicifically, they were discussing the benefits for the general ed students. According to this teacher, there simply are no benefits for general ed students in this type of setting. He/she event went as far as to say that there is little if any interaction between the general and special ed students. I went to post my comments, and the blog was closed. I'm finding that I really would love to further discuss this issue with colleagues. So what exactly is your opinion or philosphy with respect to inclusion classrooms?

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I find that everyone benefits form Inclusion. Most of the students with learning disabilities have mild/moderate and they actually benefit from the education. However there will always be the one or two students that will not benefit from full inclusion due to behavior or cognitive skills. teachers often have the mindset that all students with learning disabilities will bring the class down, when in fact, they may actually enhance the class.
I agree Dotty, they do enhance the class. From day one, I teach my kids that everyone has a gift. The truth is that while a student may be very good at one thing, he struggles in other areas. , Special Ed students are no exeption. I teach 4th grade, and I find that this environment help the students to mature. Personally, I really love it when one of my Special Ed students make me prove to them that they can do something. I actually make bets with them. That "oh, I got it" look is priceless!
I stress those famous individuals who had a learning disability. When teachers stop generalizing about special ed students, we will have fewer students being made to feel inferior. Everyone has different learning styles and that is the key in teaching. I do a learning styles inventory at he beginning of each school year. Causes fewer problems and gets my students on the right path. i also use this with my homeroom group, who are mainly regular ed students.



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