I have a special ed teacher who needs an online (or computer) timer that will chime to mark increments of time and still keep running. For example, she needs to make a student aware of increments of five minutes which have passed during an activity. Does anyone have a source for a free or low-cost one that would provide this?

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Not exactly what you wanted, but it will do the job, I suspect.

I hunted it down...
An Aroma Timer, Incremental.
I just played around with it a little. What a great tool. Definitely adding it to my personal toolbox.


For interval timing, you can just set it on loop.

Thanks, Dwight.
Thank you. Their $26 one will do everything we need.
If you have web access in the classroom, Dwight's recommendation will work perfectly, and it's FREE!

I'm checking with our specialist who requested I find her one. I think she's wanting to be able to set time intervals that aren't all the same length, but we'll see. Thanks for everyone's input!
Try these. Lots to choose from here and all free...


If I need an online timer, this is what i use. Try the bomb timer. Good fun.



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