Information/Knowledge Management - Necessary skill for both teachers and students in e-world

One of the strongest arguments in favour of ICT supported learning activities is that it provides a range of information which leads to the question: Will the ability to analyze and synthesize information become the primary goal of education? I have noticed that learners follow links to find more, and in this process they lose the link to the main objective. Secondly, when following links they are at the same time selecting information, clarifying concepts and evaluating relevance of information, which has its highs and lows too. In the same way, teachers are providing information which is too much for learners to accommodate and assimilate as compared to traditional material. One reason of this problem, in my context, is that all teachers are not practicing it. learners find it difficult to evaluate information based on relevance. I have noticed that because of this they copy/paste or write same in their own words. More exposure in this regard is needed, but how...I am sorting thread.Ambitious planning may be the result of this. Another option is to give more regular, systematic and focused exposure of information to learners to evaluate their response.


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Informative stuff! Thanks for sharing your view with us...

Hi Aima, an interesting dilemma here. Learners could choose to research and explore web based resources wihout the teacher but how to they become discerning readers?

In the leadership programmes I am involved in and in programmes designed to introduce teachers to the use of technology in learning I encourage (no expect) them to actively use the web as a resource. This can be daunting and so to bring them in gently I have a collection of resources gathered in a number of Pearltrees which not only direct them to appropriate starting points of research it also introduces them to a tool that can help them manage the fruits of their own research.

Aima your last line says all what is really the answer of your question" to give more regular, systematic and focused exposure of information to learners to evaluate their response."



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