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The teaching-learning fraternity, since the time of inception of the concept of Web tools, is curious to explore:

 Whether Web tools can be used for assessment and evaluation purposes too, in teaching-learning process?

  If yes, what sort of tools are available which can be effectively used for assessment and evaluation?

Here comes the solution.

The current chapter draws a comprehensive picture of evaluation and ICT tools for evaluation, and in turn the technology in evaluation. Beginning from the concept of learning and evaluation, swimming through the conceptual understanding of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 tools, the document gives a comprehensive, yet brief, picture of web tools, especially Web 2.0 tools, with detail, which can easily be used for the teaching-learning assessment and evaluation.

Please download the document from the link: 

and please do feel free to share anything you feel like sharing. Your views are much more important than the original document.

Hope, you will enjoy your stay with the document.... :)

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This paper gives information about evaluation that, Evaluation is a very important part of students assessment.Web 2.0 tools which provide much emphasis upon CCE.Tools I rubric and rubistar provide a platform for better evaluation and makes the evaluation more easier and relevant.

Hi Sir this is Ritesh i read your article and i really like it because "The Information Technology Evaluation  is very helpful in teaching learning process like web 2.0 helps us very much we can give feed back comments to the article and can connect to our teachers after the class".

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE), is to improve the teaching - learning process,it has to be done on a daily basis being transparent,objective and consistent. In this article a comprehensive description of the three tools of ICT- web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0 and their utilities. Now in days the teaching-learning( and evaluation) process is becoming more complex, so these web tools plays a crucial role in enhancing this process.

This article gives a very clear view of how to use ICT in evaluation. Now that continuous and comprehensive evaluation has been implemented in our education system, its necessary for teachers to be equipped with these tools and techniques which will cut on the labor and time and add to the quality of teaching learning process and validity of evaluation carried out by removing the personal biasness of teacher(if present any how). This article also suggests that in-service and pre-service teachers should be given training to use this technolgy. 



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