What are some examples of innovative technology you'll seen used in the classroom? What works well? What doesn't?

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I've blogged some about how I've used technology with virtual language exchanges for English language learners, but will leave it up to others to judge as to how innovative my methods really are.  It's been my experience that it's not always the technology itself that is innovative, but rather the way in which technology is being used (i.e., highly dependent on the educational context).

Thanks, Benjamin - I'll check that out! I think much of the innovation depends on pedagogy as well...you can have the greatest technology, but it flops if you have the same old teaching methods. I actually created this site for my students, who are preservice teachers; I'm sure they'll get some great ideas from your blog. Thanks for replying!

I am a pre-service teacher and in my technology for teaching class we just read many articles on Podcasting. Podcasting from what I have read seems to really help students put forth their best work. Instead of doing work that is only seen and graded by the teacher, their work is out their for the rest of the world to see. Podcasting also has helped students with studying and learning about new concepts in the classroom. It is an alternative to a textbook or handouts. Students can listen to their Podcasts when riding the bus, or on long family drives.
Cool, Ashley - I'll have students check that out as well. Thanks for the response!

I think that podcasting is a great tool for students to use. I view it as learning on the go. It is so easy to create and like you said they students do seem to put forward more effort because they know that it is going to be published for the whole world to see. In one of my classed right now we just finished making a podcast to get familiar with the capabilities of it and even though it is just a sort of radio broadcast there is a lot of ways to become creative and make it interesting to the students and their learnings.


I use glogster and prezi . . . great ways for students to tap into their indviduality and the kids absolutely love using the programs.  You should check these out.  Glogster is an online poster type program, and prezi is a new wave type of presentation (my classes are researching upcoming topics and creating "how to's" and examples w/ solutions which I hope to use in my class to lead class discussions).
I am a student who is studying to become a teacher and I had to take a class on integrating technology within the classroom. We discussed many different forms of technology. The first piece of technology I have seen being used is skype. Skype is easy to use and free to download. It helps connect one classroom to another. It is also great for teaching online courses. Also... smartboards have recently become popular. They offer a wide variety of software programs that are interactive and help to keep the student's interest. Another useful piece of technology is google docs. It stores attachments form e-mails on-line. This allows students to share documents with each other and edit things right on-line. It is very helpful for peer and teacher editing.

In the classroom's I've been in, I've used products like smart-boards, skype, prezi, microsoft offfice, elmo's, cs software, blogger, and DEPCO, LLC products.  I guess it kinds of depends on what subject you are teaching.  I think with the way the current job market, any type of technology in the classroom is beneficial.  http://www.depcollc.com


Good luck!

Thanks! I actually originally posted this question for my students, who are preservice teachers, so that they could discuss their observations of technology usage in classrooms, but I'm really happy to get responses from other people, too, because now my students can check out all your suggestions!

Digital Storytelling.  I use different tools for students to tell their stories and to get their stories heard.  We have used common craft shows (look up common craft vids) to green screens just like in the movies (using a MAC).  I have also used stop motion animation to tell stories about the formation of rocks.  They really enjoyed that one.

Podcasting is a great technology to use in the classroom. Teachers can make podcasts for students to listen to or students can make their own podcasts for other students to listen to. Also one of my favorite technologies is Prezi! It is a fun and easy technology to use for presentations.



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