Using a tablet in the classroom is a great way to integrate technology. Not only do tablets offer apps for education, but they can engage students of all ages to open their minds to new ways of comprehension. I stumbled upon a link while researching the topic, and I found it really useful: This article really highlights the uses of a tablet in a classroom setting.

         My focus as an educator is English as a second language, and I am planning on teaching overseas. The possibilities with a tablet are almost endless. One idea that I had, would be to have an identification test given orally; I would say a word in English, and they would then draw whatever that word is on their tablet. Another really great way to use a tablet would be to set up a learning session with a classroom in American, or another English speaking country, and use Skype on their tablets to converse with those who speak English natively. If the students are on a lower level of English, I could begin their education with comparing children’s books in their own language to the same book in English: This would eliminate the need to buy separate books for each student, depending on their country of origin.

      In order for this plan to work each student, and I, would need to have a tablet. I would also need a projector of some kind to demonstrate certain aspects of English and uses of the tablet. A laptop to plan my lessons on and a white board would also be necessary materials. I would need to set up a Skype session with a friend overseas (in America) in order to help my students speak fluently. These things along with Wi-Fi would be absolutely essential to the success of this lesson.  

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