I am studying to be a teacher and one of the projects i am doing is an iMovie. I have been thinking about ways that iMovie could be integrated into the classroom. I think it would be great to teach the students to make an iMovie and it would also be great for instruction. Does anyone have any ideas for integrating iMovie.

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iMovie could be great for use in a History project.  You could have the students, in groups, choose an event in history that they would like to re-enact and they could write a short script, dress up, and film themselves act out the event as they think it would have happened.  Then, the students could edit their film, add some special effects, and present it to the class.

It depends on your subject. I've used iMovie in the French classroom in several ways: 

1. Students created a movie about their "trip" to France including what they saw, where they went, how they got there, etc. They used a "green" screen to project up famous French monuments behind them. 

2. Students created a movie for their weather forecast. They either made a poster with the weather behind them, went outside and used the real Michigan weather as their backdrop, or sat in a desk/office as the "weather expert" (and then integrated images from Creative Commons as their "real" weather while talking over the images). 

3. I've made conjugation videos where the students see the subject and conjugated verb and they sing along to a catchy tune so they can visualize the conjugation while singing; this helps in memorizing irregular conjugations. 

That's how I've used iMovie. But I know that it is limitless. Again, it depends on the subject. Post with your subject, and I can try to help you come up with ideas. 

I have used iMovie in my Language Arts classroom as an assessment tool for a unit.  After studying our mystery unit, my students had to write a script to a movie that included all of the elements of mystery discussed in class.  They used iMovie to film their groups acting out the scripts.  Their purpose was to show that they had learned the elements of mystery and incorporated them into their movies.  

great option and good way to teach quiet impressive i will also like to do so imovie app in macs app store is one option student would readily be intrested in your move keep it up all the best:)

You could use IMovie for the weather, and do a little tv show type thing, or you could use it in replace of doing a traditional powerpoint for presentations. 

This is a great idea, and there are many ways that you can use an iMovie for educational purposes. Depending on the subject that you are focusing on, there are many ways that you can have your students make a movie: some examples might be a cooking show that they have to make for a home economics class, a documentary on the science of the changing seasons for a science class, or even a workout video that the students make for a P.E. class. Students have great capabilities and as educators it is easy to underestimate their abilities and comprehension. Any subject can have an iMovie incorporated into the lesson. Great idea!



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