I am currently studying to become an elementary teacher and am seeking to later earn a degree in music education. After graduation, I would like to stay in a first grade classroom for a few years. As a musician and one who loves music, I am trying to find ways of incorporating music into the classroom. As I researched on the topic, I stumbled upon an article that discusses the integration of music into the classroom. The article talks about the daily influence that music has on a classroom of students and how the teacher incorporates not only "kid" songs,but songs of different kinds. I love the idea of using music in the classroom, even if there isn't necessarily a specific lesson that requires the music. The teacher from the article gives different tips on how to use the music in the classrooms, different albums that he uses and songs that can be used for specific activities. I personally believe that music can bring about a great number of emotions on students, but can also bring about new ways of learning.

Any other suggestions on how to incorporate music into the classroom?

Here is a link to the article:

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I'm sorry I can't give many ideas about music, however students today really love their music. I think you have a great idea trying to incorporate music into the general ed classroom. Music is a great device that can help students retain information. Best of luck!!

Morgan, I think that adding music to your classroom and lessons is a wonderful idea. I think that today education is so "black and white," and "traditional" meaning that educational styles are more limited and do not expand into other areas. I think that by adding music into your lesson, your students will expand their creativity and learning styles as well! My fourth grade teacher would always use music in the classroom. whether we were making up songs to learn science terms or playing a cd while we worked on homework, I enjoyed learning all the more because of it. Although I am not musically gifted, I would love to somehow incorporate music into my classroom if I get the chance. Music offers a new outlet for learning and even serves as a good stress reliever.

I think that music is a great thing for classrooms. Even though I cant sing at all. I always loved doing my work in class with light music in the background. Only one teacher I had actually did that, and I really wish more would. 

I think that adding music to the classroom is a great idea! All throughout middle school, I had teachers that made us sing to memorize things. At the time we felt silly singing in front of all our friends about DNA, but now those are the things i remember best!

I completely agree! Some children learn better while having music in the background. I have good friends who can truly only concentrate with music playing. It can also just set the whole atmosphere. Music is very powerful. We use music all the time in preschool, we have different music for different times in the day, and the kids respond to whatever is playing! If we have slower, softer music on, the kids are calmer, but when we play loud, dancing music they get riled up and run around! Music could be a powerful tool in a classroom.

Music can also be a really great tool for transitioning between activities, whether it's music you play from an iPod or if it's just a simple little jingle that students hear as you sing or clap.  I know I love (as I have small children of my own) to hear my kids repeat some of the simple phrases that come from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.



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