......handle/schedule technology integration?

I was wondering if you could share your school's technology model. Does your school have a computer lab? Is it mandatory that classrooms have 'computer time' each week? If so, for how long? Who teaches tech skills? Are they assessed? How?

Is 'computer lab time' mostly skill based?

Do any schools have technology facilitators who push-in to the classrooms?

I know districts must be experiencing success with this! Please share what works well for you!

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At my school we have two mobile labs and a stationary lab in our library. All teachers use different models for technology integration, but I have the library lab reserved for an hour every Wednesday morning and use it for a variety of purposes across the curriculum. I call this time "Internet Workshop." I use my website as a hub for resources I want the students to use for activities I create in science, language arts, math, and reading. Other times students will use their time for publishing stories or doing research.
In the school I work, each teacher has a notebook to use with the children. They learn, since really young, that technology can be used to help their development. I explain: if they need some information, they are encouraged to search for it online, and they learn really soon that they have to trust their source, because internet can be tricky.

Also, there is an computer class, where they can enjoy their time and research more.

As here we use the Likelike Pedagogy, kids are encouraged to find their own answers all the time. That's why this kind of technology is necessary here.



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