In preparation for teaching Elementary Students, I am wondering just what all is out there technology wise. I know that bringing smart boards into the mix created a lot of new innovative ways for teaching, but I want to keep learning even more ways to teach with technology.  I want to be an effective teacher, and I want to be able to make sure that I can teach to all learning styles. This brings me to a question that I would like to ask... What are ways that you can integrate technology in a classroom for grades K-3. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Have them use the smart board to answer questions and to show presentations! I once saw a teacher do that and her students loved to come up to the board and answer questions and solve math problems.

Finding websites to supplement regular textbook lessons could be an option for integrating technology.  You could use visual and interactive sites on a smart board to review difficult chapters and give students an extra opportunity to work with the material other than just reading or doing a worksheet.

If you are in a school system that has access to iPads try and use those with the students. They have a numerous range of possibilities given just a little bit of creativity and they won't be too complex for the younger ones to effectively use.



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