Every School should budget for Interactive Whiteboards. The Interactive Whiteboard Systems are great tools for teaching. The only problem is using the Interactive Whiteboard System correctly. What software is available online and offline? Remembering that alot of the Schools do not have internet access in their classrooms? Does software that is free or freeware work? Or do alot of the schools take the Interactive Whiteboard System off their budget due to the lack of software?

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The first place you need to check is www.prometheanplanet.com and exchange.smart.com. Both of the sights have teacher created tools for your IWB. They also contain free downloads to their software.

Also, there are tons of sites out there that can be fully integrated onto your board. Try www.spellingcity.com and http://pbskids.org/whiteboard/. Google "Interactive Whiteboard Resources," and you'll receive lots of results.
Dear Mark,

There are two types of software involved in the IWB. The first software set is the operational software. It establishes the connection with the IWB ( a big pen /mouse input device) and the computer. This provides complete computer control from the IWB and annotation input. There are many freeware products out there....check some past blogs on this site, there are all listed.

The second set of software is the proprietary educational product that sets the stage for mutimedia and state standard lesson upgrades.

Is there a correct way to use an IWB....at this point....NO.
No "authority" has declared a proper methodology that you should follow.....You are the explorer, and must chart your own way. You'll find plenty of advice and guidance from other teachers. Hey! You'll love the freedom of exploration.
Your students respones will guide the way.




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