Internet access solution for 25 students visiting Malaysia for 3 weeks??

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I'm working with a school who will be sending approx 25 students to Malaysia for 3 weeks. The students will be split over 3 schools. Students will have access to MacBooks that they will take over. What would be the most effective means of them gaining Internet access through their computers? I don't want to rely on the host schools providing a connection. We also have access to an Airport Extreme. Suggestions and experiences appreciated. They are staying in a small city which I cant remember right now. They would be using the connection for blogging with photos, communicating to their families at home and also doing some research.


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Wow! What a great opportunity for your students!


We're looking at a similar issue -- we want students to have Internet access while doing scientific research in the field, on the bus, etc. We're thinking about getting a mobile hotspot to use -- we looked at both AT&T and Verizon, but Verizon seemed to have more options, with monthly contracts (non-profits and public schools get a discount). It's my understanding that one of the options can support an entire class of students -- it's called "Cradle Point." I'm not sure whether Verizon has service in Malaysia or if there would be additional international or roaming charges, but it might be worth a look.


Good luck!


Katy Scott

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Thanks for your rely Katy, I forgot to mention, we're from Australia but you gave me  the idea of contacting Australian providers and seeing if they offer a service. Even if they don't they'd probably have some ideas. 




Let us know what you decide on, Jason. Your solution could definitely come in handy for some of our programs here.





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