I am going to start a unit on Internet Safety next week. At the end of the unit, I want the students to perform skits about Internet Safety. Has anyone on here done that before? what are your suggestions? Does anyone have a better idea. Thanks and have a great year!!!

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Have you considered having them create Public Service announcements? They could perform them live, as podcasts or even just use slides. Kathy Schrock has some great resources on this.
Nadyne...Never thought about a Public Service Announcement...Thanks for the idea...
Tom Woodward created a great series of Internet Safety comics. They're intended for teachers, but you could adapt the idea to use with students.
How would you create the comics?
Lots of different sites will let you. I believe he used Comic Life, but you can use ToonDoo, Pixton, or a bunch of others. Try going to http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/StoryTools and looking through there for suggestions.
My 8th Graders did a Cyber-bullying project creating public service announcements using Animoto and my 6th Graders created comics using Microsoft Word.
Do you have a place we can see these projects? They sound great and I would love a model.
And here's a discussion that might also give more ideas.
I use the site www.netsmartz.net They provide a lot of good activities for the students to do along with video to show. They have material relating to grade level/maturity.
This may cause me to get flamed on here BUT...my admins think this subject should be a HUGE portion of my mere 27 hours a year with the kids. And my answer is....mommy and daddy have to learn how to use the internet and smartphone at home and discuss these issues THERE. Yes...certainly touching on netiquette and safety is important. But once again we are parenting nowadays instead of teaching. We have had incidents off campus and after hours for which I've been held accountable. What???? I will now duck for cover.
I understand your feelings. But, as a teacher in Missouri where schools are held accountable for off-campus cyberbullying that affects on-campus life, I'm LEGALLY bound to teach internet safety. It's either that or my job should anything happen.

Anyone care to guess why the law was enacted? Yep, it was because an adult, a parent at home, created a MySpace page to harass a friend of her daughter and the victim went on to commit suicide. Just like a lot of parenting issues, not all parents are responsible enough to teach our youngsters.



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