I am so new to all the technology available. It is possible that an Interwrite Pad could be used with SmartBoard software if you have both?

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The way the Notebook software licensing works is if you or your organization has purchased a SMART Hardware Product (almost any hardware product), everyone within your organization is entitled to install and use the Notebook Software. You can also connect your computer to any Interactive Product (SMART or otherwise) and conduct use Notebook Software and the Board Drivers (SMART Board Tools). Of course if you're connecting your computer to non SMART hardware, all of the benefits of the software will not be available however the Notebook software will still be functional and you can also leverage some of the features from the SMART Board Drivers (Floating Tools, etc).

Let me know if that answers your question.
Thanks!! Some people already have SmartBoards in their classrooms so we all were able to use Notebook software to begin to get familiar with the software. There are some that have the Interwrite pads and use them quite a bit. This helps me because I thought maybe I and my students could begin to benefit from some of the features of Notebook but do so using the Interwrite pad.
Yes, as I mentioned, not all of the features will work on other types of devices. For instance, you won’t be able to do customizations through the SMART software itself such as changing the color of the pen, etc but the floating tools will still provide a means to select different pen colors, etc… Also there are several other tools that are bundled with the SMART software which make it attractive, all of the special pen tools, magic pen, fancy pen, magnifier, spotlight, screen capture toolbar, etc so you can can benefit from using Notebook.
Thanks! I am so excited!! I can't wait to try this. I work one on one and with small grops of students and I can't wait for them to start gaining the benefits of interactive technology. Your help is greatly appreciated!!!
I am working with a customer on using the Floating Tools with an Interwrite pad. The district has several hundred SMART boards and their teachers are very familiar with the software. However, some teachers are not yet connected to a board and cannot fully utilize the floating tools. Usually when they open a new window or application, they have to select the pen color and save preferences. Other times, the toolbar appears but they get no interactivity. I called SMART tech but was told it wouldn't work without a SMART board connected.



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