I'm in the process of setting up a professional development class for my teachers introducing Web 2.0 technology such as wikis, blogs, ning, skype etc.. I am looking for resources to present the material via powerpoint or other means. I'm sure there are other teachers who have presented on this topic and I was hoping to learn from their experience. Thanks

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I use the Common Craft all the time for the PD I teach and you're right teachers love them, Thanks for the link I'll definitely put it to use..
I created this wiki to teach a PD morning to our faculty.They each had their laptop and had a very successful intro to Web 2.0. The Common Craft videos were great. The whole program took about 2 1/2 hours. The only iffy thing was Delicious. Everyone tried to access it at the same time and it couldn't handle the traffic. Other wise, everything went very well.
Here's the link to my wiki: http://bpstechspace2.wikispaces.com/

I recommend Jake's too but for what it's worth, you'd do well to check out my professional development page...lots of videos but also many links on many topics which would help teachers.

Thanks to all the others who've offered places for me to scour!




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