I am excited to be a part of classroom 2.0 as I am a special education teacher are a private literacy center.  Since I am not at a brick and mortar school, keeping up with the changes can be more difficult.  I teach students with dyslexia and technology classes and do writing camp.  I am excited to see new tools and new ways to blend learning and give lessons a "lil" tweak.


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Hello Ann, I am also a special education teacher. I teach all curriculum (math, science, social studies, language arts, and vocational) at the high school level. Do you follow the state curriculum at the literacy center you are located in???

Also curious what kind of technology do you teach your students and how?????

My students are at a level where they need picture word cards to make choices since they considered non-verbal and non-readers. We do use start to finish books from  Don Johnson which are perfect for my students. I also have modified worksheets from superteacherworksheets.com to where they are in a traditional picture book (like in elementary school) and at the end of the story they have questions to answer with picture word card choices. 

Hi Ann! Nice to meet you here. 

I'd be quite interested in learning about the kinds of tools you use with special needs students, especially with regards to language and writing. 

I've recently started using this free writing tool with my students to help improve their writing, and it has had quite an effect! Even the parents love it. 

I hope to hear more from you about your experience with tools with your students. 



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