Has anyone had any luck yet with the iPad on a school network using a proxy?  In our building we have two wireless points that are set to use a proxy.  I set the iPad up similar to my MacBook Pro.  The MacBook works and everything runs.  The iPad has youtube video blocked while the MacBook doesn't.  I don't think it's an IP/Filter issue..... just not sure why some apps are still blocked.  AP News articles show up, as well as BBC, but the video/audio for both aren't viewable.

Any thoughts?

Sean M.

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At the risk of sounding foolish.... I think this is a filter issue (possibly) so I'm trying to figure out the URLs of where certain content is streaming from. Example, in our district I can see the standard YouTube Site from my Principal machine. From the iPad on the same connection I can't see the same video. I'm hoping I can find where the content is coming from and get those specific URLs opened..... If anyone else hits this please post your issues along with this one.

(I've sent requests in to YouTube, AP, BBC, and NPR).

Will post anything I find out here.

Remember that the iPad does not support Flash files, despite the fact that the bulk of the known world uses Flash heavily in websites. Very irritating, this coming from one who loves his Mac! C'mon Apple, I thought it was about the user!
We are pretty frustrated with this too. There are a lot of options for Elementary Schools that use flash.... this is either a bloated software which Apple doesn't want to support, or..... allowing flash will open up access to too many sites that will detract from the App store....

In this particular case it's not a flash issue (as all the sites/apps are working on my home open network), it's something to do with where the mobile versions of video/audio files are streaming from.....

Sean M.
I had a similar problem when I clicked the simple little "privacy-enhanced" tab on Youtube video embeds. Apparently doing so changes the stream to a different server which our network at school blocks.

I'd say your hunch is right that it is using a mobile network link instead of the main one. Try unblocking m.youtube.com on your filter as that seems to be the mobile address for youtube at least.
What's an iPad? Are you just making this device up as part of some delayed April Fool's Day prank?
I am guessing that since this is still an active discussion i will through in my 2cents. We are using k12 secure school firewall and Internet filter this is a cut from their page.

"As of 10/13/2010, only Safari and the App Store will use the proxy settings to connect.  All other apps will try to connect to the Internet directly.  If you want these apps to work, you'll need to make firewall rules allowing access to the servers needed to make them work.  Apple is currently aware of this limitation, and is working to resolve the issue in a future version of iOS.
Note: We will soon be releasing an add-on feature for SecureSchool, ISBossBox, and LibraryDoor to transparently filter all traffic (including HTTPS) from iPads, iPhones, iPods, and any other devices that do not support proxy servers like Android based phones and tablets.  This will allow all apps to work, as well as web browsing, without changing any settings on the client device.  Current customers will see this option appear and be marked "Inactive" on the home screen of their appliance (the page that shows the three appliance service logos)  under the SecureSchool logo.  This page will be updated with details once the service is launched and out of beta testing."

I hope this unfortunate news is helpful



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