I just got a solid wood stand for my iPad and Kindle that will hold it at 2 different angles.  It is great.  All hand made and perfect for displaying your iPad to students or for reading books on a Kindle.  My students say it made viewing the iPad easier when using it.  Here is a link where I ordered it.  Cheap too!  Only $10 and 4 different styles to choose from.  He is very easy to work with and will answer questions immediately.  





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Hi Chad,

I've been extensively researching iPad accessories over the last few weeks, I did run across this unit a few times.

The adoption of iPads in industry is tremendous. They are utilized in hospitals, fine restaurants, fast food service, hotels, physical theraphy, home nursing care, dental offices, all sales channels, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and.....well, where ever there's a use for a laptop, the iPad nudges it out of use. I just spoke to a manufacturer today that makes security cases and kiosks for iPads. www.ipadenclosures.com  His business has grown into an international market within 2 years and there is no end in sight.

I've had discussions in these forums about "disruptive technology", the iPad is more than that. It is the "Monolith" from Arthur C Clark's " 2001 a A Space Oddsey". The iPad is "Evolutionary Technology".  In fact, I think I'll pen a blog post " The Invasion of the Laptop Snatchers".

Thanks for sharing your discovery.....It is a simple and practical device.



I think it is great that your school has the budget to utilize the advanced technology that there is today. How are you implementing it into the classroom. What are the terms and conditions that the students have to abide by when using them. How is the work on these devices supervised. Are you afraid that using this technology is gearing students today away from the idea of self teach.



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