Our district just purchased iPads for selected administrators to use and I am one of the fortunate ones.  I'm wondering if anyone has used the devices in teacher observations, particularly in the state of North Carolina.  We have a new evaluation tool and the rubric is contained in a PDF file.  I'm wondering if anyone has either figured out a way to edit the PDF form so the check boxes can be filled in during an observation, or if anyone has the NC observation and evaluation forms in a format other than PDF that would allow for editing on the iPad.


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Classroom Walkthrough and Observation Form - Courtesy of Kern Kelly and Fred Johnston
Use this form from any computer or PDA with Internet connectivity to evaluate teachers' lessons, pedagogy, and classroom climate. Feel free to modify to fit your district's standards. All data will be recorded in a Google Spreadsheet and a second sheet has been created to quickly printout the results for the teachers and your records. Simply use the "hide column(s)" function in Excel to only show the specific teacher you want a printout for.

 Make an exact copy of this Google Form - Make sure you are logged into Google Docs and the webpage will prompt you to verify you want to copy the survey/document

I aquired an ipad 2 as well with the intent of using in walkthroughs and observations. The observations/evaluations seem to be out of the window since the formatting doesn't remain. I purchased two apps in this attempt. Pages is a nice app to generate a document on the ipad and it has a few templates in it. However, does not keep the formatting of the assessment word documents that my district has generated for use. I tried several with the same loss of formatting. I also purchased the app Quick Office Connect Mobile with same issues (loss of formatting).


I even tried to use parallels and assess the documents through this format (basically using the ipad to connect to a mac laptop and accessing the XP operating system and opening the documents through Word. That process was to cumbersome. 


I am looking for something quick and efficient. Click drop down menus and a typing area to document observation with highlights to get it done. Efficiently and effectively. 


I also would like a copy of the google docs form to give that a try before I give it up. Thank you.


I would love to have a copy of the form.  My email address is ohostetter@gmail.com


Thanks for sharing.

Either of these apps work - GoodReader or iAnnotate. They both let you annotate PDF files directly on the iPad. Import from Google or Dropbox.


All of our teachers have iPads to complete TC-based running records. Teachers download the running record PDFs directly in to GoodReader and can annotate using text typing, free-hand, shapes, highlights, etc.


When time to print they upload from within GoodReader to either their Dropbox or Google Apps account and print from there.

neu.Annotate is free - our principals are using it for many annotation activities.  http://www.mbcurl.me/26W

After a pilot last year, this year our entire team of administrators (~65) started using iPad 2s.

Previously we had used Google Forms (which we still use for many purposes). 

Justin Baeder has some great resources for tech lit principals - here's an article on Walkthroughs using Evernote, etc.:


But now the Principals in our district are all starting to use Power Walkthrough, which can connect overwireless or hold the data locally in case the wireless isn't there.





I like GoodReader for its ability to not only annotate in various ways but its ability to sync with multiple cloud-based solutions (Dropbox, Google, Box.net, WebDAV, etc). It's also half the price of iAnnotate, and I'm ok with buying apps if they work as promised and they make my life easier - which GoodReader does (I also bought iAnnotate for testing purposes and I prefer the cleaner look of GoodReader). 


We don't have eWalk so Power Walkthrough wont work for us.



I'll check out neu.Annotate.



We are using it with Google Docs in Duplin County, seems to be going well!

You could probably import this form into a pages file then with the pages app on the iPad you should be able to open the file, do what you want with it and save it as a PDF file.



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