Anyone using ipads in the classroom? What are you doing with them?

Have you had success with the VGA connector and projecting onto a big screen? I can't seem to get the connection working so that I can share my ipad screen via the projector. Thanks for any ideas!

:) Rosamar

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I am not using Ipads with students nor do i own one. I do know however that you can only project certain media from an Ipad. You can not display the desktop but you can display a keynote presentation or a video. I hope that helps
I have been projecting my screen using my ELMO.  This usually works in a pinch.
HI Katie, thanks for your reply. How do you use the ELMO, do you  put the ipad under the camera then project that way? What's the picture like?
Yes.  It usually works pretty well.  My ELMO doesn't have a light on it so I can usually avoid the glare.  There are times when it has trouble adjusting but it's the best solutions I've come up with so far.
Terrific idea! Thank you Katie!

Dear Katie,

I was told by the main Tech Guy at ELMO, that a sheet of laminating film can be used as an anti-glare sheet. Laminating film has a smooth and a frosted side. Simply split a sheet in half and you will have two anti-glare sheets. Frosted side up, of course. I have not tried it, but if you can snitch one, give it a try.

PS: a 6x8 sheet of "anti-glare" film costs about $5.00 each....a lot of money for a sheet of plastic.



Thanks for the idea!  I got one of the adapters from our tech person to "try out" but I haven't had a chance yet.  I like the anti glare idea.
Thanks for the feedback Doug. That explains why the desktop wouldn't show up!

The VGA connector wont project the main screen for you iPad, it will only show certain things. I know it works with Keynote, bring up a Keynote file and "play" it and you will see it projected. I also believe it works with some video files.



Thank you for this feedback Sean! I thought I could show apps and demo these on the big screen, but apparently not.



Trust me, you arent the only one that wishes this was possible. I usually take screenshots to give students a quick tour of the app(s) they are working with that day.



Can you share the titles of the software you are using on the IPAD?



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