I have visited several schools who are beginning to implement the iPad with their curriculum.  I am curious, does anyone work for a school that has been using the iPad on a regular basis?  If so, what are some ways teachers are using the iPad besides just getting on the internet?  Thank you!

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You should check out this thread -- it has a boatload of iPad integration ideas.


Also, you might want to take a look at this presentation outlining "48 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom."


Lastly, if your school is considering purchasing iPads, you may want to consider rooted Nooks. A rooted Nook is equivalent to a wifi first-generation iPad at half the price.


Good luck!


Katy Scott

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This is a great presentation. I do not have an iPad, but now that I know what they can do for the classroom I am more interested in getting one. I always thought that an iPad was a bigger version of the iPhone 4 which I already have. Thank you for all your insights. You are all over Classroom 2.0, I can honestly say I learned the most from you than anyone else. 

Wow. Thank you for all that great information. I too  thought that the iPad was just an exaggerated iPhone. But I have come to realize that there are so many different applications that students can use in a classroom setting that will help their learning process. But with all this different access how can we insure that the students are using the iPad or any similar types of technology for the right reasons.

Hi CP!

The following is a recent post of mine on another topic, but I know that you'll appreciate the metaphors! Don't cringe! I'm just evaluating a market segment, gotta pay the rent! JJC


"Hi Chad,

I've been extensively researching iPad accessories over the last few weeks, I did run across this unit a few times.

The adoption of iPads in industry is tremendous. They are utilized in hospitals, fine restaurants, fast food service, hotels, physical theraphy, home nursing care, dental offices, all sales channels, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and.....well, where ever there's a use for a laptop, the iPad nudges it out of use. I just spoke to a manufacturer today that makes security cases and kiosks for iPads. www.ipadenclosures.com  His business has grown into an international market within 2 years and there is no end in sight.

I've had discussions in these forums about "disruptive technology", the iPad is more than that. It is the "Monolith" from Arthur C Clark's " 2001 a A Space Oddsey". The iPad is "Evolutionary Technology".  In fact, I think I'll pen a blog post " The Invasion of the Laptop Snatchers".


PS! As long as we leave Europa alone, everything will be OK!

Yeah! Time will tell!

The slow comers will be coming on strong as more business software providers choose non Apple platforms for their services.

Apple Inc. does not provide a high enough profit margin for their "partner" buisnesses. This is an opening for the competition's platforms....in business applications.

I have a question and an observation: All the iPad buisness software that I have reviewed does NOT require frequent "syncing" of the iPads. All of them, Medical, Hospitality, etc.....use a one time download and then operate from a remote server (cloud) and an in-house wireless network.

Yet in the Education Market, Schools have to Sync their iPads on a regular basis, costing time and money. I have not found an eduational application that provides a "cloud" server or host with an inhouse network. The cheapest syncing solution that I sell is $1500.00 for 16 ipads.

Any Ideas????

I just do not understand why the ED Market has to take the rocky road.


We have rolled out iPads to our grade 2-5 teachers (15 teachers), ESL provider, Literacy and Math coaches, Principal and AP.


We use them for assessing and conferring with students (GoodReader and DropBox are the 2 most useful apps for us). Confer is a decent app too, but at $10 I feel it is more buck than bang.


In addition they have been extremely helpful in keeping teachers up do date on all the mandated paperwork. I am able to push out alerts to them, add events to their calenders, quickly share fiels with them, etc.


The email and web browser aspect is, for us, a greatly under appreciated aspect. Most of the iPad teachers use to be horrible about checking email (NYC is moving heavily to email for all communication, going paperless) and were relatively unfamiliar with available web resources for their classrooms. The iPads have their Dept of Ed. email account on it, various school wide shared DropBox folders, and Diigo bookmarks. Teachers who use to never respond to emails are now very timely with correspondence. Teachers who use to never use the web for ideas are now emailing out resources to the other iPad users...


For us it has been a great asset to communication and collaboration. In addition, the paperless aspect of conferring and assessing students is quickly catching on. We've spent over $15,000 on ink and paper in each of the last few years. We are looking at the iPads as vast cost savers in that area.


I've written about the most useful apps we use here:



I love the iPad. As a computer teacher and technology coordinator for our building (800 students, 15+ staff, tons of tech) it has been an invaluable resource to keep connected with staff, working with students, and generally making my use of time and resources much more efficient and effective.



You might search on SchoolTube.com  for some ideas and to see some great videos on how students and teachers are using the iPads in their classrooms.  Here is a video will share with you on one 3rd grade classroom.




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