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Well, I bought an iPad. I could not resist the temptation. After I walked out of the Apple store with my iPad, I knew I wouldn't have buyers remorse. I seldom buy the first generation of anything!
However, I have a feeling that this device (the iPad) will be a game
changer in education, and I needed to understand why. Let me explain.

Every time I walk in the Apple store I see kids (young and old) crowding around a table of adults to experience this device. Now, I should not be surprised.

I saw kids around the iMacs when the Apple store was proudly displayed for the public, showcasing the latest education software. I saw kids around the iPhone and iPod Touch. Prior to my iPad I
had to FIGHT with my own kids to use it. So the iPad should be no
different in the attraction factor. I am sure you have witnessed this.

What is so intriguing is the smiles and the grins that kids have as they play math games or read a book or learn how to spell on the iPad. As parents are leaving the store the kids are begging
for one more minute on the iPad. Magical!

Ok my fellow educators, imagine that excitement in the classroom of today. Imagine the possibilities of this simple device providing the connection to student achievement that we measure with
time on task.

If you heard any of my presentations, I usually do not jump on band wagons. I tend to be a realist when it comes to implementing technology in education. I know the realities out
there. Too many obstacles (i.e. teacher, principals, and IT). However, I
see something guys. I see a shift. You may not believe that all schools
will have iPads for students. And I not suggesting that all schools
will. But what you see is a device that will change what our kids expect
from educators. Apple has started another revolution.

What do you think? Do you see a shift 5 to 10 years out? Are you thinking differently about this to? Or is it just hype?



That’s my 2¢. Where’s my change?

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http://gizmodo.com/search/frog%20dissection/frog%20dissection adds more 'meat' into how iPads can be used for learning.
They have their own pluses. I read this a month ago - http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/education/schoolsandresources/ar...

And also got to know about a school in UK which is planning to implement iPads in Classroom at least in a library,
With advances in technology and their integration into learning, this is the direction we are headed. Time will come when hardcover textbooks will become obsolete. The questions of the best device, the best system, and the best way to implement them will take time to answer, but it will need to be answered. Possibly sooner rather than later.
Coming from a students point of view...I think Ipads would create more interest in the curriculum and keeps a childs attention better. Chilren already love video games and the latest technology, so using this to an educaters advantage could only be beneficial to both the teacher and student. I know I would of loved to have one when I was in grade school!
I agree with your view on this but I wasn't always so sure about it. I am a member of a generation that uses technology for everything and understands more about how it works than any other generation has but I seem to have missed the boat. When I was growing up my family had one main computer that I was allowed to use for homework or thirty minutes of free time a day. Most of my time was spent reading instead and I never struggled in school with getting good grades; I never considered the material being taught using advanced technology. Taking many teacher ed classes and working in classrooms with students who are struggling I have since changed my opinion on this. The students get so excited when they get to use new technology like iPads even if they are using them for learning activities. I recently had a class where we spent some time looking at the different apps that are available on the iPad and I was blown away. Even the simple Dictionary.com app had so many features that makes learning about words more engaging than a print dictionary could even attempt to tackle. There are many other apps that can be implemented to support the learning of the students; there are games that teach students about the states, games that teach them hand-eye coordination, and many others. I think that iPads will definitely be used more in classrooms in the near future and I think that this would be a positive change in our education system.
I think that having ipads in the classroom is a great thing. I think that students learn very well when they are able to play the types of games that are offered through apple. Not only are they learning the specific things for their class, they are also learning how to use the tools that will most likely be a large part of their futures. Integrating technology into the classroom also helps the students to pay more attention. the activities are more hands on. There are also a few downsides in my opinion. One of them would be that it is harder to use movement activities when using the ipads. Another problem i see is that students are interacting very well with their screens and not their peers. Other than those two small hiccups i think that integrating ipads into the classroom is a very great thing to do.
I think that the use of iPads is not just a hype. We are seeing the involvement in the classroom on a variety of levels, from ESL education to promoting active participation in lower level classrooms. However, with how easily they are broken, I think educators will (and should) be hesitant to use them with the lower grades, especially K-3. It may end up costing them a lot with little gain.

I agree, though there are some ways around this... showing young children how to use them, buying protective cases (these are really kid 'friendly') and by limiting their use for young children. They actually use them in the school my children attend.

I completely agree that the IPad is definitely a "game changer" in regards to education. Children are becoming so accustomed to having a technological device in their hands throughout their daily activities even outside of school, so it would only make sense that children would want technology included in their education. Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and its usefulness in the classroom is immeasurable. However, I do think that if we incorporate more technological devices inside our classroom, we must do it in moderation. Students should learn more about these devices, yes, but it should not take over their education. Children still need to learn through interacting with each other, they need social experiences more than experiences with technology. I think that IPads are a great method for getting children excited about learning, but there must be a good balance between technology and real life learning methods.
Mr. Lincoln,

I do believe that iPads are going to be a huge influence in the classroom, but they already are being used today! I find that when schools and other institutions make use of new technologies there is a growth in opportunity and endless forms of creativity are sparked. I believe that within the next ten years, there will be an over- pouring of technology used in the classroom daily, if not used in replacement of pen and paper. However, the use of books, paper and pencil should still be implemented in the classroom. I believe that technology is making huge leaps and the use of ipads encourages students to learn in ways that were not thought of in the past. Ipads have numerous applications that inspire and encourage learning. When children have the opportunity. Children love being able to use their fingers and voices to make responses on screens, which involves the small motor skills and increases brain function. Ipads will change the clasroom dynamic, but only for the positive.

I agree with you this has been a shift. There are many schools that have taken this product into the school system. Many students are able to relate to the new use of technology. Students are constantly on these new devices such as the Ipad, why bring something like this into the classroom that is appealing to them. By bringing in the Ipad to the classroom it will make the students want to learn alot more. THis shift will occur I believe over the years, because its a way to catch the students attention and improve their willingness to learn.



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