I recently signed up for a very interesting platform called Mobl21 that allows me to create mobile learning lessons for my students (8th grade) and push the content to multiple access points.  The system is still in beta but have been advised that they will be going live shortly.

I wanted to see if there were others on this forum who were testing the same.  Seems like a very interesting platform and I would like to see if others are working on the same or are planning to use the system.  The system allows me to create content but I wanted to see if others were using to understand the application that they were using the system for and how they perceived the value.  Also wanted to understand if teachers were planning on getting students to use the system as there seems to be an opportunity to do the same.

- Jim

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Hi Jim,
I have just had a look at Mobl21 last weekend. I am interested to use it with a class of year 10 students creating content for the iPod touch. I will be running this project with my class early in term two as we are about to start our Autumn break. My first thoughts are on my blog at http://louiseduncan.globalteacher.org.au/2010/03/20/mobl21/
Louise - have you started using, I wanted to see what your experiences were.
Sounds interesting. Any idea what the cost of Mobl21 is/will be?

The cost models are very modest (in my opinion) and they have individual teacher accts for as low as $ 50 / yr which covers all the content I can create for my class and the best part is that it is dynamic so if I have new content and new students I just swap it out. The larger models are more robust with sharing among teachers etc. BTW - I had a meeting with their product team (as I requested a larger beta acct) and saw some of the features that are pending release when they go live and I have to say I am pretty impressed for the cost.
Hi Jim, I have been testing it out as well. Was able to create some good looking content!
Katy, they have the pricing on this page - http://www.mobl21.com/signup/free
Looks interesting. Is this going to be useful for K12 students as well?
Folks - I just saw that they went live and are offering a 25% discount for all accts along with the opportunity to win an iPod Touch every 30 days,"Mobl 21 Get 25% off on Mobl21 and also a chance to win an iPod Touch! Use this code while signing up - 2Y7UZYTEGYZU". Fairly cost effective.
Is this promotion still open?
Larry, the promotion is still open.



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