Our school in 2009 is looking at using iPod touches for students in year 5-8 and also for staff. I was hoping to hear from like minded educators to see if anyone else was already using iPod touches in the classroom and how/what they were using them for etc?

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Looks like the link didn't work in the first response.
iPod Touch: Touching the Lives of Students
Yes there is a learning management system that supports mobile devices it is called studywiz - looks great! We are running a trial with it.
Website - http://www.apac.studywiz.com/?page_id=1156 - click on mobile.
Stacey, we are also using Studywiz with the ipod touch at the elementary level. I'd love to hear how it's going for you and to see if we could share our experiences!
I apologize if someone else has already covered this topic, but I have read of a teacher using a class set of Nintendo DSs as stations in rotating station labs. The DS is loaded with an age/concept appropriate task and the kids use it as a motivator and as a source of practice and reinforcement.
We are looking into this same initiative here in Ohio. You post have been very helpful.
Stacy, I have been working on this iTouch initiative all day and I want to thank you for your help. Also, I would like to thank Marci. The mrcroy.com website was very helpful. Here is a link to microphones that work well with the iTouch.
Thanks for getting me started.
I am using the iPod touch in my classroom. While it is true that they are a bit pricey, the cost of the apps, their portability, and, yes, the "cool" factor make them an attractive option.

We have mini computers in addition to the ipods, however, we use the iPods as assistive devices. For example, we create our own video/audio books for our students; use the iPods to comply with IEPs that require that tests be read to students -- we record the test based on the requirements of the IEP. This allows the student to work independently.

We've tried non-apple media players, however, the ease of use for both the teacher and students was not the same as the with the iPods.

I'm a principal of a 6-8 grade middle school in North Carolina in the states. We have a large pilot underway with iPod Touches. All of my staff carry the mobile devices, all 65 of my 6-8 AVID students (first generation university-bound highly motivated students in the middle) carry the device throughout their day, and we have labs of 30 iPod Touches on all interdisciplinary teams. We began in August and are having great success with student engagement and motivation and staff collaboration. We use many apps across content areas, utube videos, and the internet. I'd love to talk with others about their successes with these mobile devices.
As a Japanese teacher I let the kids
- set assignment due dates (with reminders)
- use the Japanese dictionary (with kanji dictionary)
- listen to japanesepod101.com
You could download stories from iTales to your iTouch for the kids. We did this with with a school in Irvine and the teacher and kids loved it! The stories are educational and there are many appropriate stories for this age group, as well as other ages. The stories make good incentive awards, as well.

The stories are all relatively short (10 min and no longer than an hour). The majority are performed by professional storytellers and ALL stories are screened for appropriateness before being posted on the site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at customerservice@iTales.com

Go to http://www.iTales.com

Hope this helps!
I'm interested in whether I can replace my old PDA with a Touch mainly for classroom and personal management. After reading these posts, I can see using it in other ways in the classroom too. Have you teachers out there used it for management as well?

By management, I mean, to do list, calendar, note taking, checklists, timer, lesson planning, document storage, etc.

Our Touches sync with our Firstclass mail/calendar system. I use mine for all calendaring, notetaking in meetings using the Notes that came with it although there are many apps that handle and organize notes. I've found the Notes program that comes with the Touch to work fine for me. I often email my notes back to my office or to staff following or even during meetings. We use Google docs for doc storage. The management is terrific with the Touch. The iProcrastinate app is a favorite list maker for many of my staff members.

In addition a few apps we're using school-wide frequently right now include- Blanks, its a vocab builder that's been out for awhile, simple but good; Whiteboard, very handy for pair-share activities; Brain tuner, again out for awhile but the kids like to compete against each other and staff; apps that include primary documents. There are many more. We're finding this to be a tool that enhances learning and increases student engagement at every level.



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